JAC overrules JCILPS` decision, says will accept Robinhood`s body only after ILP Bill is passed

The All Manipur Body Building & Fitness Association staging a sit in protest in support of the ILPS demand.
The All Manipur Body Building & Fitness Association staging a sit in protest in support of the ILPS demand.

IMPHAL, August 11: Following strong dissent regarding the decision to take back late Robinhood`™s body, agitators gathered at Khurai Lairikyengbam Leikai today evening and blocked the Khurai `“Lamlong bridge.

The road has also been blocked again indefinitely.

The JAC formed against the death of Sapam Robinhood in a press release has stated that the decision arrived yesterday at the Chief Minister`™s bungalow to take back the body of late Robinhood is not endorsed by the public.

It said that unless the ILP Bill is tabled at the Manipur Legislative Assembly, or a time comes when the public feels that the last rites of the late student needs to be carried out; until then, his body will not be taken back.

It may be mentioned that the JCILPS and the State government had held a meeting on Monday to discuss the ILP imbroglio and had agreed upon certain points.

Despite there being no representatives of the Robinhood JAC at the mentioned meeting with the government, the JCILPS had announced that it was agreed during the meeting to take back Robinhood`™s body.

This decision which was flashed widely in the media irked residents of Khurai Lairikyengbam Leikai last night.

Mobs had started to gather demanding how the decision was taken.

In this regard, a public meeting was to be conducted today commencing from 8am at the Lairikyengbam Leikai community hall.

The crucial meeting was to be attended by members of JCILPS.

However, as they failed to turn up, the irate public waited till 5 pm.

In the evening, a team of civil organizations arrived at the spot but not the JCILPS members.

The team consisted of elderly women activists and other known individual.

But, the heated public of the area did not speak to them and asked them to leave.

There were harsh exchanges of words between the protestors and the organization members.

Further, the key members of JAC Robinhood stated that the body will not be claimed until there is an assent from the side of the public.

Is is learnt that the JAC is demanding how the decision to take back Robinhood`™s body was taken since the government is yet to be clear on introducing the bill.

It was a premature decision, the JAC has called it.

In this regard, the JAC announced that the Lamlong bridge will be blocked indefinitely from today as a sign of protest.

They also demanded that beside the constables who were suspended for their involvement in the death of Sapam Robinhood, the officers who ordered the firing on Robinhood should also be kept under suspension.

It may be mentioned that the JCILPS will be holding talks with the State government at 3pm of Wednesday to discuss the ILP Bill further.


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