JCILPS says it has submitted resolutions of the People`s Convention to govt but is yet to receive a response

Public meeting on ILPS movement held at Lamlong Keithel
Public meeting on ILPS movement held at Lamlong Keithel

IMPHAL, August 23: The 10-points resolution taken during the 2nd People`™s Convention, in connection with the popular demand for implementation of Inner Line Permit System or a similar law in Manipur, held on August 20 at MDU Hall was submitted to the government on the same day after the convention.

This was stated by JCILPS convenor-in-charge Khomdram Ratan speaking to media persons today on the sidelines of a `public meeting on ILPS movement`™ held at Lamlong Keithel organized by Co-ordinating Body on ILPS, Khurai.

He further said that the government still has not given a clear official reply after they (JCILPS) have submitted the 10-points resolution taken during the 2nd People`™s Convention. However some media reports of today have claimed that the government is ready to accept all the demands of JCILPS, he said.

`Here at this point I would like to say that it is not right for us to take the decision hurriedly. We are closely monitoring the activities and stand of the State Government. We are still not very clear about the government`™s stand on the issue,` he continued.

He said this does not mean that JCILPS will not hold talks with the state government at all because this is a very important issue as it involves safeguarding the indigenous people of Manipur.

`As we cannot afford to make mistake here, we don`™t want to rush things at this point. But when the right times comes we will surely hold talks with the government,` he maintained.

`Many are still in Jail, many are still holding hunger strike and the dead body of `Athouba`™ Robinhood is still lying in the morgue. JCILPS`™s only wish is to fulfil the demand of the people,` he continued.

While clarifying on the objections raised by some people while holding protest rally demanding ILPS, he said this issue is for all the indigenous people of Manipur and is not confined to one particular community.

`We need to understand this first clearly. The influx of outsiders in Manipur will affect the whole indigenous people of Manipur and not only one particular community. The hill and the valley need to be united while pushing the demands,` he maintained.

He called on to the people of Manipur to continue with the democratic form of protest as the demands have not been met yet.

`We have not got our demands yet so we still need to continue with the democratic form of protest. Yes! we are nearing our destination however we have not got our demands yet,` he said.

`Talks are not the solution the government needs to show some action by passing the bill in the Assembly. This ILP demand is not a new demand. The government needs to be honest here,` he said.

`We are very clear of what we want and have already submitted the five points demand long ago. It is the government who is acting like it is still confused or unclear regarding the issue. This might be a delaying tactics of the government,` he charged.

He also questioned why it took so long to suspend the police personnel who killed Robinhood while mentioning that the deadline set by JCILPS was Aug 15 which the government have missed it.

Meanwhile, the public meeting held today reaffirmed its stand to support JCILPS in its further course of action in demanding ILPS or a similar law in Manipur, he said.

The meeting further resolve to prevent untoward incidents or event which can show the ILPS movement in the bad light while protesting in the Khurai areas and also while staging protest demonstrations press/media, medical and related, and rituals activates will be exempted.

The meeting also resolved to create a work culture among the local population and to take over the works which are done by migrant workers.


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