Rijiju assures NSCN (IM) pact will not overlook Manipur`s sentiment


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IMPHAL, August 6: The peace accord signed between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) is just a framework and not a detailed structure, confirmed Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju on Wednesday, in a bid to calm down the tension arising out of the undisclosed contents of the peace accord.

The sentiments of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh will not be overlooked, he told media persons.

He assured when the final settlement comes, the Centre will definitely take into account all the States which would be affected and also consult the respective State governments.

The Minister of State for Home Affairs had arrived in the State capital on Wednesday accompanied by DoNER Minister Jitendra Singh to inspect the flood situation in the State.

Soon after their arrival at the Imphal Airport, the two had conducted an aerial visit of Joumoul Village in Chandel where a massive landslide had killed several villagers a few days back.

On their return from the inspection tour, they briefed media persons at the airport.

Rijiju said there are still no necessary details which could be announced by the government at this time because the accord signed is just a framework agreement to end the Naga issue which had been going on for the past many decades.

The government of India`™s stand is that it will understand the sentiments and concern of the Naga people and consider it with a holistic approach, he said.

The government at the same time, he said, will not overlook the sentiments of the neighbouring States Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.

The accord is not in the interest of only one community or a group but in the interest of the whole North Eastern region, he confirmed.

He continued, the region has been facing the insurgency problem for long and the people are starving for peace.

He said the accord is a confidence building measure initiated to lay a concrete foundation for peace in the region.

The MoS also appealed to all not to circulate any rumour which could ignite unnecessary anmity and ill-feeling among the various communities of the region.

Dr Jitendra said they had visited the flood affected area of Chandel with some local MLAs.

He observed the costs of the damage including bridges, road, telecom connectivity, water supply and paddy fields is quite high.

He said the Centre will provide 90 percent for the State Disaster Response fund which is to be allocated by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the State government will bear the remaining 10 percent on its own.

The amount earlier allotted for the State to meet disasters is not enough and so the Centre will be sanctioning another Rs 8.5 crore to the State immediately, he assured.

He said they have requested the State government to formally write to the Centre within two days and send a ministerial team for assessment of the total damaged afflicted by the flood in the State.

Meanwhile on the sensitive issue around the demand for introduction of the ILPS in the State, Kiren Rijiju said he wouldn`™t be able to comment unless the Centre receives a concrete proposal from the State government.

However, he added, there are still certain provisions which enables the State government to make certain regulations within the ambit of the Constitution.

He further appealed to the people of the State not to adopt violence.

He said the Centre could discuss the issue with the State government and civil organisations of the State.


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