Step down, if unable to support peoples` movement: ILP hunger striker to MLAs

Protestors stopping vehicles at the New Thumbuthong
Protestors stopping vehicles at the New Thumbuthong

IMPHAL, August 17: The State MLAs should tender their resignations if they are unable to support the demand for implementation of the ILPS in the State, and if they do support the demand then they should act accordingly, asserted Laishram Gunindro who had launched an indefinite hunger strike yesterday demanding implementation of the ILP in the State, today.

Laishram Gunindro a member of Thangmeiband Leo Club and Leisangthem Pratap, president of the Thangmeiband Sinam Leikai Naharol Leisemba Club had launched their hunger strike since yesterday at the Thangmeiband Sinam Leikai bus shed. Six others had also started a similar hunger strike near the Khurai Lamlong Bridge yesterday.

All the eight hunger-strikers refused a medical team to conduct their health check-up at their respective sheds and mockingly demanded that the team first check the conditions of the Chief Minister, deputy Chief Minister and the Education minister.

At the same time, the five students continuing a similar indefinite hunger strike in front of the Ananda Higher Secondary School had also refused medical check-up today.

Speaking to media persons, Gunindro said all the MLAs of the State should clarify on their stand regarding the present demand for ILP.

He said all those who cannot support or endorse the demand should step down, whereas those who support it should come out and joint the people in their movement.

The present government, which has created this more than a month and a half long chaos in the State, is a total failure, he said.

Our indefinite hunger strike is only against the government`™s neglect of the ongoing agitation, he claimed.

Laisangthem Pratap further appealed to their supporters and friends not to bring their family members near their station.

He said seeing their family member will weaken his will to continue with the strike.

Pratap also lamented the government saying that it is surprising that the government neglect the people to such an extent.

The government seems to have no consideration for the daily bread earners who are the most affected by the present turmoil in the State, he added.

Meanwhile, Pratap vomited some bile around 11:30am, but he and his supporters didn`™t allow the medical team to check his condition.

The six agitators at Khurai Lamlong Bridge namely Sumanta Manoharmayum, Romendrajit Moirangcha, Tenison Akoijam, Yumnam Langdaiba Meetei, Deepshor Lairikyengbam and Jamson Hourokcham also denied the medical team to check their health.

They also asserted that it is unfortunate that the State police seem to be unaware of the meaning of hunger strike.

Sumanta said their fasting was started voluntarily since 7am yesterday endorsing the demand for the ILPS and the JAC Robinhood.

He said it is however, unfortunate that the Imphal East commandos fired tear gas shell towards their fasting shed last night.

Meanwhile, a medical team of the CMO Imphal East had reached out to the site to check their agitation, however, they were denied by the hunger strikers.

The hunger strikers`™ and their supporters`™ main contention for denying the medical team was that the team was there to only ascertain whether they had survive last night`™s police action of firing tear gas shells.

Sumanta said they had told the medical team to first check the Chief Minister, deputy Chief Minister and the Education minister.

The ministers seem to have gone out of their mind in the present situation, and need the medical check-up more than us, he mocked.


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