Students injured in police action; fresh agitations erupt


IMPHAL, August 3: Altogether 11 students were injured six of them said to be seriously as students protested the opening of schools before the government implemented the Inner Line Permit System or a similar legislation in the State.

A group of students from several schools stormed the Old Secretariat Building threatening to submit their textbooks to the State Education minister Moirangthem Okendro, which resulted in a fierce confrontation between the agitating students and the security forces manning the building. The incident occurred around noon.

Two students were arrested by the police during the confrontation but were reportedly released in the evening.

It may be mentioned that educational institutes in the Greater Imphal areas were re-opened from today after being left closed since July 9 in the wake of the death of class XI student Sapam Robinhood on July 8.

Meanwhile, as news of the confrontation spread, people came out to the streets immediately and imposed road blocks at several places in the State capital.

The protesting students condemned the government`™s inaction to take action against the police personnel involved in the death of Ananda Higher Secondary School student Sapam Robinhood and the delay in introduction of the ILPS or a similar Act in the State.

Around 40 students from several higher secondary schools of the State had gathered at the Nupi Lal memorial Complex and tried to storm the secretariat building.

They came shouting slogans that they do not want education if the situation in the State was improved, and tried to storm the Secretariat building with the design of submitting their textbooks to the Education minister.

However, noticing the student protestors the security personnel manning the gate of the secretariat building closed the gate.

Nevertheless, the students tried to force their way in resulting in the police-student confrontation.

In their effort to control the students, the police resorted to lathi-charging. The students also tore their text-books and threw them at the gate.

Meanwhile, women-folk who were staging sit in protest supporting the present ILPS movement in the State, on hearing of the incident imposed road blocks at different places.

At Palace Gate, womenfolk blocked the Wangkhei-Palace Gate road by sitting across the road.

Road blocks were also witnessed at Uripok and Naoremthong area.

According to the NNN, immediately on hearing the news of the agitation and attack on the students, womenfolk who were staging sit-in-protests at Uripok and Naoremthong area came out to the street and started agitating in a stronger form.

They blocked all kind traffic movement in the Uripok-Kangchup Road. Also, large number of women and members of youth club, Nongmeibung also started agitating by blocking the road at Konung Mamang and Old Checkon crossings, an NNN report said.

Locals of Wangkhei Angom Leikai and Andro Parking formed human chains and shouted slogans demanding the implementation of ILP system and seeking justice for the killing Sapam Robinhood, the report continued.

The NNN report also said that a student of Ananda Singh Higher Secondary School identified as Surjit was severely hurt during the police-student clash as he was kicked in the chest by police personnel.

He is currently under medical intervention at JNIMS Hospital, the report continued.

Two girl students, Thokchom Monika of TG School and Heisnam Roshni of Ibotonsana Girls`™ School, were also injured due to lathi attack from the police, it said.

The two students are currently hospitalised at RIMS Hospital. Some other students were also injured, and they were discharged from the hospital after being provided with first aid, it continued.

The NNN report also said that students of Ananda Singh School locked the entrance gate of the school condemning the forced re-opening of the school.

Later, locals of Nongmeibung, where the school is situated came in and guarded the school to avoid any unwanted incidents, the report continued.


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