“We are stronger when we are together” – Lien Gangte

Lien Gangte
Lien Gangte

Dear God,

I know how disappointed you must be when you looked down at your Children in Manipur. I am sorry that we have become so isolated from each other. I am sorry that we have created so much hatred towards each other. I am sorry that we are so focus on our geographical boundaries. I am sorry that we see so many differences among us and forget to celebrate those similarities we share.

May we be committed to be everything You intended us to be when You made us—in will, mind, and emotions; in spirit, soul, and body; in purpose, strength, and character.

May we choose to stand with each other and share a common bond, the desire to walk in right paths, call upon each other in sincerity and truth, and seek to bring unity amongst us. May we work towards building a thriving and sustainable community together.

Give us strength to withstand negative forces ever so predominant and build bridges not fences. May we choose to care for the needs of our neighbour by being there for them, by providing for them and may we do this humbly, gently, lovingly, and prayerfully.

Grant us the knowledge to understand that, we are stronger when we are together.

We have been through a lot lately, but may we learn to trust each other again and create an atmosphere where every community, tribe, family and individuals can thrive and build positive surroundings for us and for our future generation.

To my people of Manipur, it won’t be easy but let us all work harder. We have done it very well for so long now, we all belong to Manipur and we cannot disintegrate. If we looked around us a little more closely, we will see that we are not so different after all. We just have to learn how to cohabit and do it with respect.

Lien Gangte


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