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AMWJU celebrates 42nd foundation day

Dignitaries during the 42nd foundation day celebration of AMWJU
Dignitaries during the 42nd foundation day celebration of AMWJU

Gaikhangam calls anti-bills protestors to come forward for talks

IMPHAL, September 16: The All Manipur Working Journalists`™ Union (AMWJU) celebrated its 42nd foundation day today here at Manipur Press Club with Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam; AMWJU president Wangkhemcha Shamjai; Commerce & Industries, Sericulture and Vety & Animal Husbandry Minister Govindas Konthoujam and MLA N Biren attending as chief guest, president and guests of honour respectively.

Speaking at the function, MLA N Biren said that at a rally held at Senapati as well as according to some press statements, the agitators who are against the passing of the three bills in the Assembly have mentioned some points that the MLR and LR Act will be extended in whole of the State and by covering the hill areas the Section 14 (A) has been modified.

These points that the people want to know should be clarified by the media by asking the Dy CM, the MLA urged.

He also clarified that the amendment should be only confined to the principle bill that is the MLR & LR Act and that it is only enforced in the valley districts of the State.

And also the amendment of the bill is on the relevant subject and the relevant subject here is sales and purchase of land to non-Manipuris. That means it does not affect while selling the land to Meitei, Pangals, Kuki and Naga, he maintained.

He further said that few days ago a politician held a press meet where the politician had charged that the bills were created without including any tribal representative.

The charges levelled by the politician were carried by the local dallies as a news item the way the politician had claimed it, he said.

He said the media persons did not try to question the politician if the politician was not aware of the fact that the All Political Party Committee formed to discuss the ILP issue was headed by Dy CM Gaikhanagam, who is from the tribal community, as the Chairman.

The media persons were also pretty much aware of the fact that while discussing the bills the government ran pillar to post asking suggestions through the media and even consulted veteran politicians like former CMs Rishang, Dolendro and many others.

`Why was these questions not raised by the media persons to the said politician?`

`We are simply publishing whatever the person who held the press meet is claiming without even verifying the facts,` said the MLA who was a journalist himself before joining politics.

If the media persons had asked these questions to the politician, people would have been able to see a clearer picture of the issue, said the MLA who seems disappointed with the media persons.

He also maintained that there are currently four tribal Ministers.

`I urge the scribes to bridge the gaps in the communication during this time of crisis. The role of media is very important during this time,` he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Dy CM Gaikhangam reiterated what he said at the foundation day function of All Manipur Bar Association held at Cheirap Court yesterday.

He called upon the people of the hills who are agitating against the passing of the three bills to come forward for talks with the government to bring an amicable solution.

He also mentioned that the government had sent official invitation for talks twice already and now it is considering of sending the invitation for the third time.



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