Ccpur JAC not to allow magisterial enquiry; wants probe by Central government


LAMKA, September 21: With the unrest over the demand for a Separate Administration for the tribals of Manipur not abating, the a top government official, MH Khan, IAS, Principal Secretary, came to make an assessment of the actual situation on the ground.

Khan held meetings with the DC and SP of the district at the DC`™s residence and then later also met the JAC leaders.

Earlier, when Khan`™s vehicle approached the gate of DC resident, his convoy was blocked by womenfolk who also snatched the order appointing him lead a Magisterial enquiry in the incidents that led to the police firing in the district headquarter in the wake of the violent street protest against the passing of three bills ostensibly designed to prevent influx of migrants into the state by the State Legislative Assembly on August 31.

Later in the evening the JAC issued a press release where they said that they will strongly oppose the State government`™s proposal for a magisterial inquiry in the Churachandpur case, as specified in an order dated the September 9.

The order said the inquiry will be to ascertain the facts and circumstances leading to the incident of August 31 evening which led to arson attacks and subsequently the death of nine people.

The JAC in its release stated that they will not accept the magisterial enquiry as it is unlikely to bring a solution to the problem at hand.

The release further said that `no person/organisations/individual, shall give any statement in connection with this enquiry and spot enquiry by Magisterial Inquiry Team` and anybody seen cooperating will be strongly opposed by the general public.

The enquiry is set to begin and concerned officials are slated to come on the September 23 to Churachandpur to begin the enquiry.

The JAC said the people will not accept any enquiry initiative by the state government. Instead, the enquiry must be instituted by the central government.

Meanwhile, ever since the morning, womenfolk sitting for a dharna outside the DC`S resident shouted slogans like “repeal the three bills”, “we want separate administration”, “Central government help us” even as the state officials were passing through their cordon.

In an effort to strengthen and smoothen the progress of the agitation, the JAC this afternoonsat together with the joint committee of the KNO and the UPF, and held a joint meeting at the KKL complex, attended by the presidents of Kuki Inpi, Hmar Innpui and Zomi Council.

On the occasion of the joint meeting cum a press meet, the conveyor of the joint committee, Calvin, told the media that the committee`™s visit to New Delhi had very positive outcomes.

He said the central leaders they met were sympathetic to their cause. The convenor further said “positive thing are discuss and agreed with the central leaders,` adding, `there are however certain things better left untold for the time being.”

This was also echoed by his colleague from KNO TS Haokip who said that the central leadership expressed their happiness that a tribal unity in Manipur has become a reality

The president of the Hmar Innpui, Kuki Inpi and Zomi Council also express their happiness over the unity particularly amongst the two main SoO group.


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