Centre responsible for disturbing peace in State: MLA Biren


IMPHAL September 12: Heingang MLA Nongthombam Biren has charged the BJP led NDA government in the Centre of disturbing the peace and unity of the State.

Speaking as the chief guest at the 21st foundation day celebration of LYS Steel and Cement Agency at Kwakeithel Makha near the Police Outpost, the MLA said the recently passed three bills to save the native people of the State contains nothing which could hurt any community of the State.

He said unseen forces are trying to instigate hatred and violence among the indigenous population of the State.

`We should be very careful with what we say and do as it could mislead the masses`, he added.

These unseen forces are campaigning to disrupt our integrity and the NDA led government in the Centre should be held responsible for it.

He also said that the Chief Minister of neighbouring States like Nagaland and Mizoram should be more responsible with their comments.

`In their States the Inner Line Permit System is fully enforced and so why are they so much against it when the Manipur State government passed a similar home-made bill just to safeguard our native people?` he asked.

Moreover the bill is not anti-tribal or against any community, he added.

Urging the people of the State to stand firm to save our integrity of Manipur, Biren appealed to all concerned people not to mislead the general public and sow seeds of hatred as it might lead to another June 18 uprising.

He said that the Peace Accord which was signed between the NSCN-IM and the Indian Government should not affect the interest of Manipur.

If it is meant to solve the age old Naga issue, why take only the consent of the faction of the Nagas led by NSCN-IM, he asked.

Meanwhile, emphasizing on the need to infuse the ideas and knowhow of entrepreneurship, Biren said that we need to work with sincere dedication to be successful in life.

He said that sheer hard-work has led to such entrepreneur like the LYS to flourish in the State.

MLA of Naoriyapakhanglakpa Assembly Constituency RK Anand who presided over the function maintained that the changing political scenario in the State is the fall out effect of the Peace Accord signed between the NSCN-IM and the Centre.

The history of Manipur must be considered first for any geo-political talk with any group or State which might affect the integrity of Manipur State, he observed.

He stated that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi vowed to denounce the practise of divide and rule taught by the British, yet he is applying the same approach in Manipur.

It is very unfortunate that the act of such a high personality has contradicted with his words, he observed.

People have lost faith with the Central government, he added.

He further said that the Naga Peace Accord would surely contain something since the agreement cannot be signed on a blank paper.

The agreement must hence be shown to the States which are affected by it, he demanded.

India is a democratic and republic country and such exclusive approach must be taken seriously by the people, he added.

During the UPA regime such issues were never entertained, however the NDA government has used such tactics of disintegrating Manipur, he alleged.

He maintained that the three bills passed by the State government was passed after a year of consultation starting from 2014 and the claims that the tribal people were not consulted is false.

Further he said it is time to pressure the Centre to amend the Article-3 of the Constitution as it is might challenge the integrity of Manipur.

The foundation day observation was also attended by well-wishers of the agency and its customers. The agency was first started in the year 1994 by Laishram Yaima Singh.


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