KNO and UPF convenor unhappy with press statement by KNO leader


LAMKA, September 20: The Convenor of the joint committee of the United People front(UPF) and Kuki National Organisation (KNO), H.Calving, this evening said in a press meet at his residence in New Lamka that he finds it unfortunate that a top leader of KNO wrote in one English daily from Imphal highlighting about the Kuki State demand.

He said on September 13, the UPF and KNO had a joint meeting where it was decided that they will work for a comment goal and will not push different agendas, like the UPF’s Autonomous Hills State and KNO’s Kuki State.

He said later on, they discussed and set up modalities for the common demand which was negated by the said newspaper article creating confusion among all the people.

Calvin further said that in October and later on November last year, the two group met to discuss the common goal of the UPF and the KNO and set up a core /working committee which remain unsolved even after subsequent mention due the differences in demands.

The two however remained united on the issue of the recent three bill passed in the State Assembly and the sacrifices made by the nine martyrs.

The joint committee had also decided that the two would not talk about their own demands but would rather work unitedly.

Representatives of the two groups also went to meet Central leaders on Sept 15 and the Convenor termed this as positive adding that all four delegates have returned yesterday.

However, the Convenor said article by the KNO leader spoilt the mood saying “we can’t afford to go on having mutually exclusive policies and instead must go for inclusive common goals”.

Meanwhile the JAC restriction or relaxation of their bandh will continue to be from 5am to 1:00pm till further order, a statement said.


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