Point out the errors, and let`s resolve the issue amicably, Gaikhangam beseeches anti-bills protestors

Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam speaking at the 64th Foundation Day celebration of the AMBA.
Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam speaking at the 64th Foundation Day celebration of the AMBA.

IMPHAL, September 15: `How are we supposed to bring a solution if we are not given the chance to discuss the issue?` deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam said today.

The deputy Chief Minister was speaking at the 64th Foundation Day celebration of the All Manipur Bar Association held at the Chierap Court Complex today.

Referring to the present agitations launched against the passing of the three bills by the State Assembly, he said invitations have been sent out twice for talks, but till date there has been no response.

`Whatever the contentious issue is, we need to sit down and discuss it to find a solution,` he continued.

He said following a demand of the JCILPS for an Act to safeguard the interest of the indigenous people of the State, the government, after a very long process, finally passed the three bills in the State Assembly.

However, once the bills were passed, unwanted and unfortunate incidents were reported from the hill districts, he said.

He said this may have happened due to failure of the government to understand, comprehend the issue or due to communication gaps.

`But point out the errors to us and let`™s remove it.`

`If the people are not willing to talk or discuss the issue than it is confusing for us,` he said.

The State government has repeatedly urged the stakeholders to come forward for discussion if they find anything wrong in the bills that could hurt the interest of any community. However, till date, the government has not received any response, he continued.

He said `You have been saying the bills will hurt the interest of the hill people, but have never come forward to discuss the points where the bills are wrong. If you don`™t want to come and meet the government representatives, then we are ready to come to you, just let us know.`

The government had created and passed the bills thinking they will do good for the State, but instead if it is going to break the State, then what is the point of passing the bills, he observed.

If required and if there are sufficient grounds, then we can consider even withdrawal of the bills, he said.

The Chief Minister has also asked repeatedly to point out the contentious issues and had assured that the bills will not harm the interest of the people, he continued.

He said the government has sent official invitations twice already and is planning to send out for the third time now, he said.

`Whatever the thing is we need to talk and discuss,` he observed.

`I on behalf of the Government of Manipur once again call upon the hill peoples, leaders of civil society organizations, student bodies and womenfolk to come forward for talks in the best interest of the State as well as for the sake of peace.`


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