“Thanga should not be changed to Ithing Sendra” – Moirang




BISHNUPUR, Sept 27: A press meet was held declaring that Ithing Sendra should remain as Ithing Sendra, Thanga and not as Ithing Sendra, Moirang on September 23 convened by Bishnupur Zilla parishad members of Thanga, Thang part I and part II, United Clubs of Thanga and representatives of Ithing Sendra.

Thanga Zilla Parishad member N Dinesh, Thanga Part I Pradhan H Tharongoubi Devi and Thanga Part II Pradhan Ch Binarani spoke before the media persons during the press meet.

Speaking at the press conference, Dinesh said under the Manipur Government gazette notification no 162 dated july 27, 2012 and no 249 dated October 4, 2012, Ithing Sendra is being developed under Rural development and panchayati Raj department under the Thanga Zilla Parishad and Thanga gram panchayat.

However, recently an organisation Kege Mourang Apunba Lup Moirang has issued leaflets claiming that instead of Thanga Sendra it should be called as Moirang Sendra and not only this but the SDO Moirang has also issued that Sendra is under the revenue jurisdiction of Village no 53, Moirang part II sheet no 1, he said.

He continued it is also learnt that a complaint was submitted to the DC Bishnupur on October 13, 2014 raising objection to the calling of the Sendra as Sendra Tourist Ground, Thanga as it is located on the foothills of Sendra Hills..

He said Sendra has been known as Thanga Sendra since time immemorial.

He continued even after the signing of the merger Agreement with the Indian government when there was still the territorial council, and N Thonglen was the member, there was no connection between Moirang and Thanga revenue.

He said Ithing Sendra, Thanga cannot be change to another name and further appealed to the concerned authorities to solve the issue.


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