Maharaj Bhagyachandra`s 217th death anniversary inaugurated at Nabadwip


NABADWIP, October 14: Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam today appealed to the people of Manipur to unitedly put efforts to preserve and develop the temple of great physical, political and cultural significance which the far-sighted Bhagyachandra Maharaj had acquired for the people of Manipur in West Bengal.

The deputy Chief Minister was speaking at the inaugural of the three-day long 217th Death Anniversary observation of Rajarshri Bhagyachandra at Shree Shree Anu Mahaprabhu mandir at Nabadwip Dham in Nadia district of West Bengal today.

The observation is being organised jointly by the Rajarshi Bhagyachandra Cultural Foundation, Manipur and the Nabadwip Rajrshi Bhagyachandra Cultural Foundation, Kolkata.

Gaikhangam continued during his reign Bhagyachandra Maharaj had acquired such a place which is of immense pride for Manipuris in West Bengal.

He said the organisers have also observed that the State of West Bengal respects and acknowledges Bhagyachandra Maharaj and what he has done for the place for which the place and its relevance with the Maharaj is still included in the school syllabus till class VI and acknowledging the Maharaj`™s deeds for the place, and several roads have been named Manipuri Road.

This will remain etched in the history of the land, he added.

He said Bhagyachandra Maharaj is not only a politically and culturally farsighted individual but was also an enlightened king.

Only political and physical aspects don`™t make a man, but one also needs some spiritual mind set, he said.

Maharaj Bhagyachandra was religious social reformer, he added.

To usher peace in a land, the people need to be spiritually united, Giakhangam said.

Without the spiritual attachment, peace and development is impossible, he added.

The people should understand the beliefs and works of Maharaj Bhagyachandra to bring peace in the land, he said.

Identifying Maharaj Bhagyachandra as a leader of Cultural Revolution, Gaikhangam observed that the king had been instrumental in putting the Manipuri culture on the world map.

Manipur is a land of hills and valleys, and none of the past kings had as much grasp of how to rule the land properly as Maharaj Bhagyachandra, he said.

He was the king who believed and showed that the people of the valley and the hills were brothers, Gaikhangam continued.

The deputy CM further assured to take up proper steps to develop the place after proper discussion with the Chief Minister.

He further appealed to the organisers of the observation to submit a memorandum highlighting their wishes.

Meanwhile, a day ahead of the inaugural of the observation, artistes of the Rupmahal Theatre also performed a drama `Rajashree Bhagyachandra` and several other cultural programmes were also showcased.


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