Photos of ‘UFO sightings’ in Manipur goes viral

UFO sightings in Manipur Imphal
UFO sightings in Manipur

We have heard of many Unidentied flying objects (UFOs) stories and sightings for decades now. The often buzzing of our world by extraterrestrials in the form of flying saucers or alien visitors seems to have become a part of our culture, that they purportedly share the friendly skies with us.

In an astonishing UFOs sighting, A man named Lincoln Liba have claimed that a group of boys from a nearby students hostel located at Mantripukhri Colony in Manipur’s capital city Imphal saw and took several images footage of a strange transparent circular object hovering over the neighbourhood on Wednesday’s afternoon, reported IB Times

The photographs of this mysterious large disc-shape UFO were then uploaded on social media. Interestingly, the round, see-through object is seen just above the residential buildings. One of the pictures even has a rainbow in the backdrop. It appears to be a genuine photo and not photoshopped as a person is seen pointing at the object in one of the photographs.

Source: Sevendiary



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