What the framework of the accord would be? – B. Angousana Sharma


The term Framework of an Accord has logic of understanding with a proposal inciting to do with an intention of second party and acceptance of the existing Body; which need to implement the theory to practical. To the same course of act of NSCN (IM) and Government of India’s (GOI) Accord underwent, though unlikely to the people of the three states of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh has been silent for three months. But the act of speculating result of the concealed thunder would be worse as the extravaganza of recruitnient of forces lauded in Nagaland. Rather it will not be healthy administration in the NDA Government.

The exposure of the intention of the Central Government by promoting Community Regimental Force (CRF) in the name of a particular community had to have second or third thoughts before commencement of the Accord and   implementation, for that, the representation of the three states which neighbouring to the Nagaland should have been involved and should also have taken into confidence of the neighbouring states.

Hence, the norm to establish a CRF shall not finalise by a two party decision. Rather, the United Nations sanction and parliamentary debate over the enhancement of CRM would be necessary. Also, the Force should establish in the interest of the Nation, not in favour of a particular community. If necessary, Para-Military Force could be considered to establish in the Nation with mixed communities presentations, as 99 and 100 Bn. BSF of Nagaland was brought to participation.

Otherwise. such unconstitutional decision would be taken serious by Meitei Nationalist Party of India. Because, to-upgrade Naga Forces and threatening Meitei community in the Implial valley with the intention to discriminate communities in Manipur with the division on of hills and valley is taking serious in Manipur.

Therefore, to follow the constitutional as well as international norms of laws for forming up of a Community Force should be announced for implementation of such act would be coming into force.

On the other, it is also necessary to consider upon Manipur, the geographically isolated state of India, where lots of disturbances prevailed due to uncomfortable communication, while crossing over the hills, where also, necessary to upgrade the local force to the Regiment in Manipur. The Forces of MR were existed since the time of Royal Kingdom of Manipur. But, today, MNP appeal to upgrade Manipur Rifles to the Manipur Regiment.

Hence, Manipur is more vulnerable than the other states of India. Therefore, if it been discussed, rather sanction been made to upgrade Naga Regiment Force, there should not hesitate to upgrade MR to Manipur Regiment.

Hence, to deal with the diplomatic cult in India Manipur should be No.1 as Manipur fought the wars with Burma, China and Japan to protect Manipur, as hell as India, at that time there was no force input to fight the wars from the other parts of India. Keeping into consideration of the integrity of the border territories of the East, the Government of India may consider to include Manipur wherever, whenever any convention would necessary to institute in connection with involvement of territorial integrity so that the people of Manipur may feel ownness. Otherwise, by neglecting Manipur may cause a civil war like the war of 1903 and 1939, which of the act may result to immense destruction. For which, both of the Government either of state or of centre shall be held responsible. But, the loss of lives and loss of properties of the nation may occur.


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