An Idle Mind: A Perfect Home for Devil to Settle


By Dr Omila Thounaojam


A peaceful mind is the beginning of a meaningful tour to life’s passages. Whatever the reasons may be, a human mind is the abode of priceless wisdoms. To live a life filled with endless endeavor to strive and succeed, having a determined mind is a must. The question here is “how” to achieve such a state of mind. The most earthly and reachable way of leading a life that is worth a living, our mind must never be allowed to stay homeless. Just like a beautiful house turns into a heavenly home with loving members residing in it, one’s mind must be occupied with senses bright. Until and unless our mind is not fueled with resourceful thoughts and logics, it is a waste to even think of a beautiful day. When a home is deserted heartlessly by its members on the pretext of hatred, jealousy, greed, etc – it is evident that the concrete structure gets reduced to a deserted village. Human life is surrounded by living thoughts that keeps on feeding upon new concepts and ways of living life. In fact, many find it challengingly hard to learn the “Art” of living. To the most it could be said that we are wandering directionless in quest for a better existence if our mind is not sound enough. What to do then in order to be touch with our own self and our own mind? Like building a bridge for an efficient level of connectivity, one must ambition to bring our minds closer to better and fruitful action. As the saying goes, “we reap what we sow” – so let’s gear up to entertain our mind with thought processes that envision a healthy and busy life.

When one cares to look at the source point of every social problem in existence, it is surprisingly interesting enough to locate that it’s the increasing number of idle minds that had caused such a situation at the first instance. People are educated just for the sake of attaining degree and the knowledge that is received is wasted just like that. The rate of literate young men and women finding suitable job placements are low. What turns out then is another bigger topic to wrestle with. Hardly many think of indulging into creative habits of utilizing the knowledge that they possessed in abundance. Hardly many attempt at churning out the best in them. This has led to a growth of idle minds in town and as such a wide array of idle space generously invites evil thoughts to preside and take over their life bound decisions. It is a common scenario today to witness crimes and news related to it on a daily basis whose life source is none other than an idle mind that needed attention. Believe it or not, our time today calls for a competitive based struggle that call for youths with strong and determined minds. The power ultimately lies in the mind of an individual and this fundamental truth must not be negated on any pretext. The mind should not fear and it should have the will to dream for a wholesome world structure. The source of every beautiful living lies in our will to imagine ceaselessly. We must sharpen up our level of imagining our schemes of life and only then a pattern of hoping for a better tomorrow will begin. We today have unknowingly cut off that part of ourselves that love to be innocent and carefree. Out of our conscious hesitation to take up fearful transits of life’s passages, we have converted ourselves into a laughing stock. It’s now or never. So better we reach out for that lifestyle that allows maximum space ground for a fertile mind to bloom and blossom. We must infiltrate into those avenues of life that will guarantee a high flying flowering of our mental potential. Our real growth and development depends on our accessibility to a mind that facilitates a continuous supply of positive mindsets. The more we neglect this fact, the more we go backward in generating a better self. When one becomes weak physically, it is the psyche – the mind that sustains the strength of an individual. That’s why philosophers often stress upon the combination of the mind and the body for a fuller sustenance. Let us accept the reality of the powerful dimensions of human mind. Let us connect by empowering our mental venues. Let us get better at a collective level by individually enriching ourselves at the basic level. Let us nurture our mental home to extend such a habit to a greater level. Let us not leave it vacant for evil strangers to infiltrate and cause harm. The more we promote such a truth the more we will become rich in the real sense of the term. Let’s not forget this at all cost.


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