CS invites public suggestions on preparation of Smart City Proposal


IMPHAL, November 28: Chief Secretary O Nabakishore today sought public opinion and suggestions for a successful preparation of turning Imphal City into a smart city.

He said Imphal is one of the 100 cities identified for the Smart Cities Mission by the Government of India.

Success of developing Imphal into a smart city can only be achieved with active support, co-operation, participation, involvement and constructive suggestions from the people, he said.

Speaking at a press conference at the Old Secretariat today, the Chief Secretary said the potential 100 smart cities were selected from more than 5000 places on the basis of the first stage of a city challenge.

Maintaining the second stage of the City Challenge to be crucial for all potential smart cities, he said selection in the second stage will mean that Imphal will be one of the 20 selected cities declared for the first round smart cities to be taken up during the current financial year.

He added in the second stage, all 100 cities are expected to come up with their Smart City Proposal incorporating two essential components: Pan City Initiative/ Feature and One Area Based Development.

Elaborating further he said the first component of Pan City Initiative involves application of selected smart solutions.

The list of smart solutions includes E-governance and Citizen services (like public information, grievances redressal, electronic service delivery, citizen engagement, video crime monitoring), waste management (like waste to energy and fuel, waste to compost, waste water to be treated, recycling and reduction of C&D Waste), Water Management (like smart meters & management, leakage identification, preventive maintenance, water quality monitoring), Energy Management (like smart meters and management, renewable sources of energy, energy efficient and green buildings), Urban Mobility (like smart parking, intelligent traffic management, integrated multi-modal transport) and others like tele medicine and tele education, incubation/ trade facilitation centers and skill development centers.

According to the Chief Secretary, the purpose of the second component which is the Area Based Development is to drive the economic growth and improve the quality of life by ensuring local area development and harnessing technology.

He said a specific portion of the city is to be selected for area based development so that it becomes a replicable role model within and outside the city.

The Smart City Proposal (SCP) is expected to contain the model chosen, whether retrofitting or redevelopment or greenfield development, he said.

He emphasised, in the retrofitting model, the planning and development in an existing area is to make the area more efficient and liveable and for the North Eastern States it requires more than 250 acres of existing built-up area within the Municipal Area.

Nabakishore said that the redevelopment model is the replacement of an existing built-up area by dismantling the structures and then co-creating and constructing a new layout with enhanced infrastructure using mixed land use and increased density.

Minimum area required for the model is 25 acre for the North Eastern States of existing built up area within the Municipal boundary, he said.

He continued the Greenfield Development model is to develop and introduce most of the Smart Solution in a previously vacant area using innovative planning with provision for affordable housing.

In this model minimum area required is more than 125 acre for North Eastern States within the boundary of the Municipality or within the boundary of Urban Development Authority, he said.

Chief Secretary of the State said that the Government of Manipur and Imphal Municipal Corporation feel that the preparation of an eminent Smart City can only be achieved with active support, co-operation, participation, involvement and constructive suggestion of the people.

He invited innovative ideas, valuable suggestions and constructive inputs to be sent to smartcity.imphal@gmail.com or at the official website ww.imc.mn.gov.in/SmartCitySuggestions.

The Chief Secretary said a facebook page ‘Imphal Smart City’ has also been set up.

He said during the ongoing Sangai Festival which will end on November 30, suggestions can be dropped at Stall No. 18 regarding the Smart City preparation.

A lucky winner with the best with the best suggestions will win a gift hamper everyday, he said.

The Chief Secretary said suggestions from the public should be on how to improve public information system, mobile connectivity; good internet connectivity; installation of CCV for video crime monitoring, regular and timely door to door collection; dustbin at public place; effective garbage grievances Redressal system; on call service for garbage pickup; 24×7 water supply; smart meters & management; leakage identification, preventive; maintnace, reduction in water wastage; water quality monitoring; LED street lightning; smart meters & management; increase use of renewable sources of energy; less wastage of electricity; smart parking; intelligent traffic management; promotion of bicycle & walking zones; good roads; good public transport system; clean roads & public places; penalty to polluters; proper maintenance of children’s play areas; earmark at public space for old & aged.

Appealing to the people to submit their suggestions at the earliest, he said the suggestions will be discussed before the State’s plan is submitted to the Centre on December 15.


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