Hungry souls: Something beyond the reach of science Sometimes end is the new beginning


By Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam


Many scientists pray when their results are out of track. Why? Why these leaders admit the fact of being unable to tell why the dead breath? Over the ages, there have been mysteries that make all of us cry out for the exact result. Almost every religion speaks of the life after death. To neutralise the fact of being unable to control the naughty humans, people make up stories i.e. ghost stories. From the early life, we are with these stories which make us develop the feeling of getting scared of the dark. 70% of the world’s population propagates that there is nothing called ghost. I don’t mean to all go back to the drawing board. What about the case of Emily rose’s exorcism? Why the science cannot explain this? I don’t think the scientists were so busy that they cannot put their hands on this matter. Of the original team of archaeologists who were present when the ancient tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun was opened, only one lived to a ripe old age. Why is the dead of this little king so famous? Is this because of the curse? Mohammed Ibrahim, Egypt’;s director of antiquities, in 1966 argued with the government against letting the treasures from the tomb leave Egypt for an exhibition in Paris. He pleaded with the authorities to allow the relics to stay in Cairo because he had suffered terrible nightmares. The boy himself came up to him in his dream and told him to stop, if not he showed him how he will die. Ibrahim left a final meeting with the government officials, stepped out into what looked like a clear road on a bright sunny day, was hit by a car and died instantly. Is this just a story? In 1969, Richard Adamson lost his wife within 24 hours after speaking out against the curse. His own son also broke his back in a plane crash when he also spoke the same. Do you think its coincidence? What about the haunt in Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, United States and Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Kentucky, United States? To believe this is a great challenge, I know. But if we know where do we go after we die or what happens after death then we are sure to believe all these things. To show the light that science somehow support life after death was projected by Einstein. As said by Einstein, “energy cannot be destroyed, energy cannot be created, it just changes from one form to another,” all the mysteries become realistic now. The electrical energy which creates our heart beat, where does this energy goes after we die? This is the question? Is ghost the new form of energy that is formed from those energies? Most of the parapsychologist believe that people those who have the sixth sense are the ones who mostly experience this. When the energy comes, he/she relates which his/her past experiences and starts to see unnatural things called ghost.

Even if we don’t believe in ghost stories, we still like to hear things related to those supernatural elements. The Americans started a thing call “ghost hunting,” making teams of ghost hunters to create an element of suspense to the public. But off the shot, there are cases of getting calls from people who have already died, shadows following, etc. Leaving all these mysteries behind now we move on to another talk called reincarnation which no one could explain. Anne frank’s reincarnation is the most famous one. Ten years after she passed away at the concentration camp, a girl called Barbro Karlen was born in a Christian family in Sweden. When Barbro became three, she told her mom that her name was not Barbro but Anne frank. Her parents told her to called “Ma and Pa” but she refused to say and told them that they are not her real parents, she told that her real parents will come to take her. At first her parents thought it was just a fantasy but it holds true at last. All likes and dislikes of Anne and Barbro were same.

Personal experiences are another cases and the scientific views stand on the other side. We are surrounded by mysteries. Majority believes the view of Einstein. No one knows the other world beyond science, the world of negative and positive energies.

The evidence of ghosts that we have today are no better than those we had centuries ago. May be because ghosts are not real or may be because we are not developed enough to put our hands into their world. Even if all these issues are burning, we still go to watch horror movies.


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