Imbibe an international character to encourage development: Gaikhangam

Dy CM Gaikhangam and Commerce secretary of Ministry of Commerce and Industry Rita Teaotia along with others in front of the inaugural plaque of the Market Complex. IFP Photo

IMPHAL, November 25: Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam today appealed to the people of the Moreh to consider themselves as from only one community ‘the trading community’ leaving aside all differences of culture, languages, dialects, traditions, etc. among them.

Appealing to the people to discard the village mentality and to develop an international character, he emphasised further that although we talk on the international level, our minds are left in the village level.

People need to fully understand that until and unless one doesn’t develop the mind and open up to the others, development and civilisation will not come about, he observed.

The deputy Chief Minister today inaugurated a multi storey market complex at the border town of Moreh constructed under the ASIDE scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

The inaugural function was also attended by Commerce and Industries minister Govindas Konthoujam, 42 Tengnoupal AC MLA D Korungthang and Commerce secretary of Ministry of Commerce and Industry Rita Teaotia as president and guests of honour respectively.

Gaikhangam said this building should be used as effectively as possible with lots of activities going around as it has been constructed not only for a few people but for all.

He observed that Namphalong, the market on the other side of the international border is not a very big or very good market place however the people there are able to take full benefit of it.

Elaborating that the border trade was opened only to enhance trade and benefits of the people on both sides of the border, he lamented in the present scenario, the people on this side of the border is lacking much behind when compared to the other side.

We are mostly draining out our resources, he said observing that we should in fact be able to draw resources as well for which we need to officialise all trades.

Emphasising on the fame of the border town among those who visit the State, Gaikhangam said people come to Manipur with the desire to reach Moreh during their visit.

Moreh has today become an important place not only for the State but for the entire country, he said appealing to the people further to work towards making the place more attractive and be the trading hub it should be.

The North Eastern States including Manipur were once considered liabilities to the country, but now the Indian government has realised the potential of Manipur and that it is a great asset to the nation.

With the coming of the look east policy, India is ready to provide any kind of assistance or help to Manipur and the other NE States, he said, urging the people to grab the opportunity.

Both the State and the Centre are trying to develop Moreh, but there are still many obstacles hindering the process, he observed.

For any development we need space, and if there is no space at all, how are we going to take up the work, he asked?

He said if there was enough land or space, the market inaugurated wouldn’t have been multi-storied.

There are several disadvantages of a multi-storey building, he said observing “We need land banks, this is only the beginning.”

Manipur will be shining in the near future and for all that we need to start preparing from now, Gaikhangam said.

Rita Teaotia said the significance of Moreh in India’s trade scene as the single significant point of contact with Myanmar through land route is going to increase from December onwards.

“I am sure this is the demand of the government of Manipur as well as the people of Manipur as well as the logic of the historical trade that we have had with Myanmar through Moreh,” she said.

But as we enter into increasing the volumes of trade, the formalization of the trade, from next month we have to be ready for the challenges, she said.

She said one of the most important challenges is to have the infrastructure to facilitate trade between Myanmar and Moreh.

This multi storey shopping complex is one of the important elements to that trade, she said.

The reason for Government of India to fund these projects under ASIDE scheme is to create the necessary infrastructure to allow traders to carry on effectively, efficiently and economically the trade between two countries, she informed.

“I hope that this complex will provide the basis for the local trading community as well as the communities from entire Manipur to display the goods for purchase by the Myanmar traders and industries,” she added.

Minister Govindas speaking at the function informed that there are 82 shops, conference hall with 50 people seating capacity, car parking at the basement, food court, VIP suites and rooms for the caretakers in this multi storey market complex.

It was constructed with a cost of around Rs 21.71 crore, he said.


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