Korea Manipuri Association celebrates Ningol Chakouba


20151108-KMASOUTH KOREA, November 9, 2015. Ningol Chakouba cum Get Together 2015 of Korea Manipuri Association was held at a Pension house at Nongin, on November 8, said a press release by Korea Manipuri Association (KMA).

It said, Ningols of KMA were served with several delicious foods cooked by Pibas, followed by presentation of gift items to the Ningols by the younger Pibas with blessings from the Ningols.

The gathering with a dinner was started on November 7 evening, along with a long discussion to strengthen KMA regarding its role in engaging with social activities back home, said the press release.

It said, KMA and its members have contributed over 1 lac INR toward the various activities in Manipur in 2015, and one of the major contribution was on Manipur flood relief efforts, for which KMA has donated about 90 Thousands INR.

In 2016, KMA is looking forward to celebrate many gathering like Ningol Chakouba festival, and moreover, KMA is looking to engage with more social activities by closely working with few social organizations of Manipur.



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