Meiteis in Bengaluru celebrate Ningol Chakkouba


11792021_986247874768080_3813195230049695989_oBANGALURU, November 20: Manipuri Meitei Association Bangalore (MMAB) celebrated its 5th successive Ningol Chakkouba at Bangaluru on November 15, where almost three hundred people gathered, said a press release by MMAB.

It said, the day began at 6 a.m. and winded up at 7 p.m., and the president gave a welcome speech and showed gratitude to Robert Naorem for presenting his designer fabrics to be presented to the lucky Ningol of the day.

DSC_0252-minBefore the lunch was served, Wangmada Vol. IV, the annual magazine of MMAB was released in the presence of the guests, and in the post lunch, steel plates were gifted to all the Ningols, followed by a lucky draw to pick Ningol of the day, said the press release.

It said, the curtain of the day rolled down with few Manipuri songs performed by a band comprising of one of the committee members.

A great day to see Meitei Ningols donning in traditional attire and MMAB had been thankful to all the people for being a part of the Ningol Chakkouba celebration, said MMAB in the press release.



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