NEFIS organizes a Candle Light vigil in solidarity with Irom Sharmila’s heroic struggle


IMG_20151105_181337NEW DELHI, November 6: North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) organized a Candle Light vigil on November 5, to mark the 15th year of Irom Sharmila’s hunger strike against Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), said a press release by NEFIS.

It said, a huge presence of North East people as well as students from other parts of the country was there during the candle light vigil at Vishwavidyalaya Metro station in solidarity with Irom Sharmila’s heroic struggle.

It is to be noted that on November 2, 2000, a terrible tragedy shook the state of Manipur when 10 civilians were shot dead by paramilitary forces at a local bus-stop in Malom, Manipur. Among the deceased was an 18-year old National Bravery Award winner. The massacre triggered angry protests across Manipur and led to Irom Sharmila on her epic fast a few days later.

Justice, however, continues to be denied in the case of the Malom massacre and many other such cases. Meanwhile, Irom Sharmila continues to be heckled by cases filed against her and periodic arrests. NEFIS has hence pledged to take forward the nation-wide struggle against the draconian and anti-people Armed Forces Special Powers Act, said the press release.

It said, NEFIS also condemns the recent Meghalaya High Court’s recommendation to implement this black act in the Garo hills area and demands that AFSPA should be repealed at the earliest from all states, thereby ending the miseries of the people.


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