Transgender demands rights of being third gender


IMPHAL, November 24: The transgender which has already been recognised as a third gender by the Supreme Court have been denied their rights in the Sangai Festival venue, claimed transgender Sana Ebemma ambassador, Sandra Nandeibam during a press conference at the Manipur Press Club.

Sandra claimed there is no separate line for the third gender at the ongoing Manipur Sangai Festival and as such the the transgender community is facing many problems including unnecessary harassments.

When we stand along with the females, we are told to line up on the men’s side where we are harassed by the security persons, Sandra claimed, adding that there is also no separate lavatory for the transgender community and have to enter the men’s washroom.

“The community continue to face social stigma even after the Supreme Court had directed their recognition as the third gender,” the transgender ambassador said appealing to the concerned authorities of the festival to provide separate facilities for the third gender in the future.

Sandra further added that there is no record of the transgender community in the State Census report which is regrettable.


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