UNC suspends highway blockade


KANGPOKPI, November 5: The United Naga Council (UNC) has suspended its ongoing 10 day economic blockade in all highways of the State and ban on the construction of National and International Projects including Trans-Asian Railways this evening from 4 pm.

The UNC has decided to suspend its stirs in the emergency Presidential Council Meeting today at its office this morning at around 10 am with Gaidon Kamei, president UNC on the chair.

The UNC press statement said that the decision to suspend the ongoing stirs came after reviewing the decision of the Presidential Council meeting October 29 and in reciprocal gesture to the positive steps and measures taken up by the Government of India to protect the land, culture, history, identity, time honoured traditional institutions, etc. of the Naga people and tribal.

The meeting also decided that UNC will not hesitate in taking up any form of democratic agitation if the Government fails to respect and honor the assurances and commitment given to the Naga people, it added.

It further agreed that any intimidation to the established position of the Nagas would be collectively faced by the Naga people and will respond in befitting manner.

In the meantime, UNC expresses gratitude to tribal hohos, district apex organizations, frontal organizations and regional organizations, church leaders, social workers and the general public for making the blockade and ban meaningful while urging for the continuous support and co-operation in future.


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