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Urgent need to strengthen regional party to safeguard Manipur says G Tonsana

IMPHAL, November 18: The lone candidate of Manipur Democratic Peoples’ Party (MDPF) G Tonsana who is fighting for both Thongju and Thangmeiband by-election, has said that he has no greed to win the upcoming by-election but his sole agenda is to give awareness to the general public that there is an urgent need to strengthen regional political party to safeguard Manipur.

Speaking to media persons at during a press meet at his Khurai Lairikyengbam Leikai, G Tonsana observed that the present Government has miserably failed to make Manipur self reliant.

Many ambitious projects such as the cement factory, spinning mill, sugar factory etc, which could generate revenues and employment, have been discontinued leaving the state dependent on other states.

Rather than making things right the politicians are further pushing the state into the abyss of corruption by introducing new trend taking huge amount of bribes while recruiting candidates for Government services, asserted the MDPF candidate.

“Politics have become an industry” opined Tonsana and added that most of the politicians after winning the election usually become ‘Goons’ with money and political power in hand.

When questioned on how he join politics from being an engineer, G Tonsana revealed that Government is a decision making body and during his tenure as PWD Chief Engineer, as a Government official he has to exploit all his ability for the betterment of the government but does not have the capacity to make decision.

He claimed that the Government has not done enough in term of making good decision for the betterment of the state join politics hence he joined politics.

Manipur has its own script, art & culture, food habits, natural resources yet the people are not secure, he opined adding that these assets can be saved by the regional political party.

He said that he is aware of the no chance in winning the election. Yet, his aim to spread the awareness to the public of the state the need for the regional political party to develop and promote our own dignity, will be fulfilled, continued Tonsana.

Manipur recently was on the verge of breaking into fragments and continue to be in the same position however the national political party pay less attention to it, he said maintaining that every political candidates must take a pledge to truly sacrifice for the causes of the land and its people.



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