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‘279 crimes committed against Women and Children’

IMPHAL, December 9: Altogether 279 cases of crimes committed against women and children starting from January 1 to December 6, 2015, said a report prepared by the Women Action for Development (WAD).

The report said that of the total cases the major cases includes 29 rape, 7 attempt to rape, 4 rape and murder, 12 attempt to murder, 20 murder, 9 suicide, 2 attempt to suicide, 2 burn to dead, 16 suspicious dead, 5 death on delivery, 2 molested, 85 assault, 63 missing, 6 kidnapped, 5 trafficking, 8 cyber crime, 1 abandon, 2 girl child abuse, 1 force abortion.

Highlighting the report during a press conference held at Manipur Press Club today, WAD secretary, Sobita Mangsatabam in connection with the 16 days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence Campaign.

The campaign was jointly organized by District Women Committee of Imphal West, Conflict Widow Forum, North East Dialogue Forum, Domestic Violence Survivors Forum and Women Action for Development started from November 25 to December 10 under the demand ‘Speedy Justice’.

She stated that in connection to it a memorandum copy will submit to Prime Minster, Governor of Manipur, Chief Minister and Home Minster on December 10 to take urgent action towards the increasing crime against women in Manipur.

Sobita also demanded the judicial fraternity for speedy justice of highly sensitive sexual assault cases of minor children and women of the State by establishing a special court for rape victim citing the frequent report of such incident.

She also expressed her concern on the immediate need for establishment of fast track court related with women and children in all district, speedy and effective disposal of all PILs in High Court, to established court of family and session in all hill district of the State, etc.

Sobita further informed that she had demanded the 60 MLAs for enactment of appropriate law for women and children in conflict torn State besides inclusion of gender budget during the winter session of Manipur Legislative Assembly.

Sobita also urged the Home Department to appoint young and sincere police officers alleging that the department are full of officers who are not willing to extend their cooperation and support while fighting for justice.

She appealed to frame charge sheets of all pending cases related with crime against women and children within three month.

Failing to meet the demands at the earliest time, Sobita warned of mass agitation for neglecting to the plight of women and children.

She asserted that the highlighted demands are the one which came on urging to State government and the concerned department to bestow in the interest and welfare of women and children to stop such untoward incident. But still the demands were not satisfied.

The organizations which jointly organized the campaign are working in the field of violence against women and deeply concern on how to curve this issue from becoming more violence in the near future and to save the future generation.

A member in the campaign Sister Wangsung from Ukhrul said that in the hill areas the customary laws and restriction are creating problems to the women of hill areas.

Moreover, the citizen residing in hills and far flung areas are facing problem when any crimes committed against women to file a case to police. Most of the rape, rape and murder, molestation and other crime against women are not reported and mostly resolve the cases by offering something to the victim and from the resolution taken by village chief in the hill areas.

Due to such practice there are many hidden cases in Manipur and due to fear of society discrimination the infant was disposed, she added that to develop and uplift Manipur there is need to strengthen the women society.



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