BJP’s popularity will not last long, Gaikhangam claims

MPCC Gaikhangam 92th Dal Day
MPCC president Gaikhangam addressing the gathering of the 92th ‘Dal Day’ observation. IFP Photo


This was stated by Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam, who is also the president of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee, speaking as the chief guest at the 92th ‘Dal Day’ observation here at the Congress Bhawan, BT Road today.

He further said that BJP’s interferences in food habits, religious freedom and lifestyles of the people and its policy of intolerance in a multi-racial/ethnic country cannot last long.

He said as our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said, we need unity in diversity with mutual respect and understanding for one another.

“We should never say that my religion is better than yours, my language is better than your language, my culture is better than your culture but instead we should say mine is good and yours is also good so we should grow together,” he said.

This is what we call unity in diversity and this is the only way to unite a big country like India which has many differences in culture, tradition, food habits and lifestyle of the people, he maintained.

By trying to abolish this kind of thinking they (BJP) have started drifting now, he said.

We are all aware of the issues faced by the country because of them (BJP) trying to interfere in the food habit of the people, and because of such intolerances, the public has now come to understand what they are up to, he observed.

The recent wins of the BJP candidates in the recent bye-election in the State is not because of the Modi-wave, but because the winning candidates have more affinity with the people, which is also a good lesson for the Congress, he observed.

He said the Congress take this defeat positively and as a reminder for the Congress candidates that they need to maintain affinity and a good rapport with the public to win in the upcoming election.

Continuing his attack on the BJP, he said the BJP had lost badly in the recent Gujarat civic polls and the same can happen in Rajasthan also.

The party had also lost miserably in Bihar general election also, he said, adding that the Congress had won the MP bye election.

The BJP is certainly heading downward, he claimed.

Gaikhangam also observed that there are a few upcoming elections in States like Bengal, Kerala and others where the Congress and its allies are likely to win.

Before even completing two years of governance they (BJP) are facing so much unpopularity, now we can only consider what will happen if they continue for five years, he continued.

He added, we all know what kind of a party, the BJP is. It is an incarnation of the Jan Sangh which was created by the RSS, he said.

We also know that the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was killed by a member of the RSS, he said.

He further said that the RSS had faced a ban which was lifted only on the condition that it will never participate in active politics.

Now, after the ban was lifted, it wanted to enter politics and in order to do so it formed the Jan Sangh, he added.

The BJP is the incarnation of that party Jan Sangh, he said adding that their ideologies are based on Hindutva and its members are Hindu extremist and not even moderate Hindus.

They are very communal and have no religious or social tolerance, he said.

Although they have two different names, the two have the same ideology, he maintained.

The people should be aware that such kind of party will never see any progress in a country like India, he added.


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