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MSAD condemns the racial attack on Lal Bruce Thangkhal

NEW DELHI, December 12: Lal Bruce Thangkhal, a Manipuri youth media coordinator of North East Support Centre and Helpline (NESCH) Delhi suffered extensive injury when a group of man assaulted him racially in Gurgaon on December 8 around 8 p.m., said a press release by Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD)

It said, President of MSAD, Miraj Shah Kori alongwith Finance Secretary Muhammad Ali and Sanabam Kennedy visited the victim on December 11, and the victim has stated that he was attending an advance Christmas party in Gurgaon on December 8 and joined the party from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. followed by a discussion about the North East people with the members who were attending over the party.

The victim was walking down coming back from the party at around 8 p.m., then four drunk men started passing lewd remarks without any reason, and when he objected the way they abused, they racially assaulted and attacked him. One Manipuri girl objected the goons, but they threatened her to leave the place and she was almost beaten, said the press release.

It said, Lal Bruce Thangkhal was lying in a pool of blood unconsciously, and when the girl came back alongwith some Manipuri friends the goons were already absconded. Later, the girls took the victim to Uma Sanjeevani Hospital Gurgaon Sec-56, Haryana. Police took his statement in the following morning December 9 after he regained his consciousness and a FIR was registered immediately.

In the press release, Lal Bruce Thangkhal has said that northeast people are vulnerable to any kind of racial abused and prone to physical assault because of the appearance. He also alarmed if such incident occurs to other people unlike him they will find it difficult as most of them do not know whom to approach. Lal Bruce Thangkhal also intended to convey the northeast people through MSAD to be more sensitive and aware of the helpline and authorities who are responsible for safety of the northeast people.

According to the press release, MSAD has stood by Lal Bruce Thangkhal who is the pioneer in fighting for the rights of northeast people and against injustice like racial discrimination, and demanded the concerned authorities regarding the followings:

MSAD strongly condemns any kind of racial discrimination and racial attack in any part of the country and appeals the people of Northeast to fight it collectively.

MSAD is committed to fight any sorts of attacks against our people and we are promise to fight for our justice with our tooth and nails.

The Gurgaon commissioner of police should take up all the necessary actions to arrest the culprits and to bring the justice of Lal Bruce Thangkhal at the earliest.

The Govt. of Manipur should intervene in any racial attack engaged in any part of the country for the rights and justice for the people of Manipur.

The Government of Manipur should bear all the medical expenses of Lal Bruce Thangal.

The government of Haryana should reimburse medical expenses in the treatment of Lal Bruce Thangkhal and should guarantee the wellbeing of the same.

The Government of India should responsible for and be sensitive for the incident of incident of Lal Bruce Thangkhal. MSAD observes that this incident is part of the continuous racial discrimination by the mainland Indian. MSAD stand by the statement “North East people don’t deserve any inferior treatment from anyone”.




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