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Observation of the International Human Rights Day

IMPHAL, December 10: The Criminal Justice Fellowship, TISS, Mumbai and Eastern Sporting Association, Top Awang Leikai, has solemnly observed the International Human Rights Day under the theme “Mob Justice Practice in Manipur” today, December 10, at the community hall of Top Awang Leikai, and the aim of the programme was to discuss on the contemporary trends of mob justice and criminal justice system in the state, said a joint press release by Criminal Justice Fellowship and Eastern Sporting Association.

It said, the programme was attended by around 40 youths, and on the occasion, Damudor Arambam, a legal research fellow at TISS, Mumbai stated that Human Rights are lawfully guaranteed by human rights law, protecting individuals and groups against actions that interfere with fundamental freedoms and human dignity. However the practice of mob justice denies the accused person a right to a fair hearing before a competent court and in many cases, a right to life.

He further said that mob justice should be condemned no matter the justifications thereof and it is a violation of human rights. There is need to allow proper justice to take its course even though justice is sometimes delayed and therefore invariably denied. Mob justice is against the principle of the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty, said the press release.

It said, Saikhom Nikol, a lawyer, briefed out some cases of mob justice happened in the state, and stressed that, in most cases of mob justice, the punishment meted out do not correspond with the crime committed.

Even petty thieves are condemned to death and this is not acceptable as it deprives the victims their rights to live. Mob justice may also result to victims being tortured, their property destroyed and they are denied the right to a fair hearing as guaranteed by various International Human Rights Conventions that India is one of the signatories, added Saikhom Nikol in the press release.

Stating the role of media and its ethics, Pibathoi Naorem, an independent journalist condemned the present trend of media trial and glorification of the violence related by various media houses. Taking a note on the ethics of journalism, he said, it becomes very normal in the state where media houses disclose the identity an accused person and convicted of the same, said Pibathoi Naorem in the press release.

It said, the programme was moderated by Guna Takhelambam of Eastern Sporting Association, and Dr. Thingbaijam Sukumar and Athokpam Raghumani Singh were seated in the dais as president and guest of honour.

The participants in the programme questioned on why the people always resort to violence, and many of them shared that people have lost their faith in the present criminal justice system. The participants agreed to draw some resolutions in the form of recommendations to the state and other competent authorities, said the press release.



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