‘Con-man Kangujam Kanarjit arrested’

Kangujam Kanarjit - Youth icon cheated local businessmen, victimized foreign delegates
Kangujam Kanarjit – Youth icon cheated local businessmen, victimized foreign delegates

IMPHAL, January 5: Police nabbed Kangujam Kanarjit Singh, 30, son of K Ibotombi Singh, a resident of Khongman Bashikhong Wangkhei Loumanbi Leirak on charges of fraud, assault and criminal breach of trust.

He was arrested from his residence at about 9 am today by personnel of Porompat Police Station. “This individual claimed that he is a director of the United Nations and refused to cooperate with police.

He even threatened to call up Superintendent of Police Imphal East when we went to arrest him,” the Investigating Officer told this reporter today.

An investigation of this paper had highlighted K Kanarjit in its May 24, 2015 edition as a fraudster who had duped the State public and foreign dignitaries by using the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) acronym.

Karnajit Kangujam arrested
Kangujam Kanarjit behind bars at Porompat police station.

He had invited ministers, other VIPs to his self organized Global Youth Meet held in 2014.

Duped foreign delegates by promising reimbursement of travel allowances, tried to implicate a present cabinet minister of sexual harassment charges, collected funds for the Nepal earthquake , organized events by contracting firms and individuals promising profitable returns and the list goes on.

Following IFP reports in five editions beginning May 24, 2015 under the banner “Global Youth Icon or ‘Con’ Icon ,” May 25 edition under the banner, “’Youth Icon’ alleges Nasir of ‘unbecoming conduct’ to women delegates during World Youth Summit, minister refutes claim” , May 26 edition with the headline, “UP girl denies minister’s misconduct; Kanarjit charged of illegally operating Club-25 Int’l.”

And another day later on May 28, IFP carried the story as “ Youth icon cheated local businessmen, victimized foreign delegates” and finally on the edition of May 31, the headline carried “Kanarjit Global Youth Icon Award cancelled.”

It may be mentioned that this paper investigated the story of K Kanarjit after he announced himself as a recipient of the ‘Global Youth Icon 2015’ and owing to reports of his fraudulent activities got cancelled from the nomination.

His press conference on May 25, 2015 held at Manipur Press Club was not carried in local dailies except for IFP. Another press conference by victims of Kanarjit on May 27 held at Manipur Press Club stating that they were cheated was not carried in the local media except for the ongoing IFP investigation.

Despite the reports, Kanarjit was absolved as being a social activist in an eveninger news report, He started again to come back to as a working activist and even recently posted for aid for the Earthquake victims which hit the State last Monday.

Kangujam Kanarjit was arrested following a complaint lodged by one S Khrishnadutta Sharma of Khongman Mangjil presently residing at Palace Compound, Imphal East.

He made a complaint to Porompat Police Station that he had been contracted by K Kanarjit for catering the guests of the ‘Global Youth Meet’ held in 2014.

Sharma was engaged for providing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the delegates. The event was held from February 20 to 25, 2014.

The bill amounted to Rs 19,76,120. Kanarjit had promised to clear the due by the end of February 2014, but still has not cleared the dues.

Owing to the circumstances, Khrishnadutta filed the complaint to Porompat Police Station that he had been cheated.

The Police registered a case under criminal case number 176 of 2015 under Section 420 (Fraud), 324 (Assault) and 406 (Criminal breach of trust) and arrested him from his residence today at 9.30 am.

This complaint of Krisnadutta Sharma was carried in IFP report on May 28, 2015 under the banner, “ Youth icon cheated local businessmen , victimized foreign delegates.” The Police has Kanarjit in lock-up custody of Porompat Police Station.


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