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Imphal Times celebrates 3rd B’day

IMPHAL, January 9: The Imphal Times celebrated, an English eveninger, observed its 3rd foundation day at Manipur Press Club today with W Shamjai, president AMWJU as the chief guest and Iboyaima Khuman, senior journalist and publisher, Imphal Times as the president.

On the occasion Imphal Times also organized a political discourse on ‘Fight Against Corruption’ with Yumnam Rupachandra, Editor in Chief, Impact TV as the moderator.

Dr Khundongbam Alexander Singh spoke on Political sensitization as a strategical bulwark against corruption’ and Ringo Pebam, software engineer spoke on the title ‘My search for Lok Ayukta in Manipur’.

Malem Ningthouja expressed the commodity relationship of a capitalist which endures corruption and feels that overthrowing the system is the only solution.

DESAM President Angamba Moirangthem stated his views, “Even if uprooting the existing system is difficult, we can surely strategise towards minimizing the rampant corruption culture in the state.

Creating mass based awareness to increase the understanding and consciousness level of how corruption is rioting our progress will definitely counter the complacency with which we respond to corruption at present, he said.

If we can converse on the impact at different levels of the society and how the village economy is affected by corruption in governance, we might be able to educate and pool more people into such anti corruption drive, He continued.

He further suggested integrating in the school syllabus to help internalized the immorality of indulging in corruption and also to understand the spectrum of corruption.

Several other speakers supported the initiative and the intent of an anti corruption drive/ campaign in Manipur in order to usher in the ultimate change that can led to collective progress.



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