Rape and murder cannot be settled by customary laws


Murder of a five years old girl after being rape is a serious matter. And what is more serious is leaving the accused free to walk without conducting any trial as according to the law of the land. Application of customary law to this kind of cases cannot be accepted as long as the place of incident happens inside the country. If the state fails to take up this case then it is better that those in the government surrender and handed over the administration to the so called leader of each village in the country.
What had happen to the five years old girls on December 25, at a village in Senapati district of Manipur, when the world is celebrating the Christmas Festival is one of the most unfortunate incident not only for this state but for the nation as well as for all the communities of the world. And what is more unacceptable is the silence and helplessness of the state police even after knowing that a 5 years old minor girl had been murdered after being rape or molested.
In India, there are many cases at which customary laws sometimes overruled the verdict of the law court. Debate still continues on whether the customary laws are superior or the rules of law frame and accepted by the nation after passing in the parliament or state legislative assembly.

With education imparting to almost all the people and with the government taking up various awareness programme regarding the need to understand the law of the land the so called customary law which was once accepted by each community has now been slowly eradicating. People across the country now accepted the law frame with approval from the parliament or the legislative as supreme and people now accepted it as above anybody. Then Why left the case of Senapati Village at which a 5 years old girl child was mercilessly murdered after being rape? Why the police, who are supposed to enforce the law simply remain quite saying that the matter has been settled as according to the customary law?
When a person is killed and when a suspect is known, the matter cannot be settled on the agreement between the two families. It is about the society. We cannot simply allow to happen such thing. Both the family and those who order them to settle the matter as according to the customary law deserve punishment.
Silence or ignoring the matter is not what we the common men are expecting. If our government under the leadership of Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh still remain ignored to this kind of incident then the trust that we have in him will be lost forever.


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