ANSAM press statement on fake encounter


February 5,Senapati: A press statement  dated 5th Feb 2016 signed by James Inka, Publicity and Information, All Naga Students Association Manipur(ANSAM) states that -The ANSAM, representing the Naga and tribal youth and students in Manipur welcomes the public admission of the killing of an unarmed Ch. Sanjit by Th. Herojit, senior constable of Manipur Police Commando in the heart of Imphal city on the explicit order of his superior officer and the approval of the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of the Government of Manipur(GoM). Th. Herojit has admitted of many other such killings and he is but only one of the many in the Manipur Police Commando/IRB who have been licensed to carry out extra judicial executions by the GoM, without the due process of law.

On 6th May, 2010 two unarmed Naga students, Loshou and Chakho were shot dead at Mao Gate and more than hundred protestors, mostly women folks maimed by bullets and violence of the Manipur Police Commando/IRB of the GoM. On 30th August, 2014 another two young unarmed Naga, Mayopam and Ramkashing were executed at Tangkhul Naga Long ground and more than 30 civilians shot and brutalized by the Manipur Police Commando/IRB. On 31st August & 1st September, 2015 seven unarmed defenders of tribal rights of Churachandpur were killed and many violently incapacitated by same Manipur Police Commando/IRB. The above killings and violence were committed against Nagas and tribals  protesting against the communal policy and hegemony of the oppressive GoM.

These instances speaks of the response of the GoM to constitutional demands and legitimate protest of the tribals in Manipur. No admission of the killings of tribal in the hill areas at the orders of the GoM has been made so far.

In the Imphal valley, frequent bombings, fake encounters and killings takes place and it is now generally accepted as normal. But the disturbed area act has been lifted from the Imphal valley by the GoM and development programmes and growth of Imphal valley continues undisturbed by the law and order situation. But in the Naga and tribal hill districts, which is peaceful, except for state violence

against unarmed tribal protestors, such as those mentioned above, the GoM continues with the Disturbed Area Act/Armed Forces Special Powers and any democratic form of protests by the tribals against injustice and suppression are responded with violence and killings. Law and order situation is cited as unfavourable reason for development of the hill areas and the gap between the valley and the hills that is perpetuated over the years gets wider. It is important to note that the same force, empowered by the same GoM operates with impunity in both the Imphal valley and the tribal hills but with different consequences and targeted results on human lives and also on development and social front.

The Government of India cannot limit its responsibility to seeking clarification and explanation from the GoM when instead of safeguarding the life, property and rights of the citizen, it has become the willful violator of the fundamental right to life of the people guaranteed under the constitution. If the Government of India does not intervene then it abdicates it responsibilities as custodian of the constitution and becomes an abettor of constitutional crime.

At this critical juncture, the Government of India must act immediately for restoration of the rule of law and constitutional rights and for which the Nagas in Manipur have demanded for its intervention with an alternative arrangement in Manipur outside the communal GoM pending settlement of the Indo-Naga issue.

ANSAM can be contacted at ansam1970(at)gmail(dot)com.


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