Governor’s Address failed to reflect major issues, taunt Opposition MLAs


IMPHAL, February 22: The Governor’s Address is rather unfortunate and misleading for the people as it failed to reflect even a single step taken up by the government in the hills, BJP MLA Kh Joykishan observed during the discussion of the Governor’s Address of the 13th session of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly today during the Assembly session.

Three Opposition MLAs, MLA Dr I Ibohalbi, BJP MLA Kh Joykishan and NCP MLA L Ibomcha raised amendments to the motion of thanks to the Governor’s Address moved by Congress MLA T Mangibabu and seconded by MLA Ng Bijoy Singh during the second day of the first Assembly session of the year.

NCP MLA L Ibomcha had also observed that the address totally ignored the tension in Churachandpur and issues in other hill districts; although the Governor should have observed whether the situation has been calmed down or not, he said.

Joykishan said the address failed to mention a single point for the people of the hills.

The address also failed to reflect upon the issue of fishing culture in the State, Joykishan said observing that the people wants to know about the government’s plans to develop fishing culture rather than the opening of wholesale outlet centres for fish.

He explained Manipur, unfortunately, continues to import huge ton of fish from outside the State, and the main issue at hand is not opening of wholesale centres, it is whether the government is trying to increase the production of fish.

He continued the Governor in his address also failed to reflect on the present major issue of mushrooming private hospitals, and whether there is any hope of upgradation of the JNIMS Hospital or installation of modern equipment in the hospital.

The address also failed to reflect on the development of IVRs in the State and instead focussed only on development of the National Highways and the main State highways although National Highways and the State Highways are covered under central sponsored schemes by the PWD, he observed.

People usually look for development of IVRs as first priority as it will bring improvement in the socio-economic development of the society, he added

All these indicate to the Governor’s Address being incomplete, he observed before the House.

He said the address also failed to take note of the Juvenile Justice Board which is an important institute of the society, which also means that the government is neglecting the issue.

Further pointing out a mistake in the Governor’s Address, he said the Governor in his address had mentioned the location of the RBI as in Chingmeirong, although the correct location should be Thangmeiband.

MLA Ibomcha observed the Governor’s Address failed to reflect on any future plan or project of the State government.

It also failed to touch the issue of reconstitution of the Manipur Human Rights Commission, he said adding that the commission should have atleast three members and a chairman.

The Governor’s Address also failed to mention the reconstitution of a full-fledged Manipur Information Commission and reconstitution of a full-fledged Manipur Public Service Commission, he added.

He said if there is any need to bring the agitators of Churachandpur district to the negotiating table, then it should be done during the present Assembly term, otherwise the future generation will blame the present members. Since, this is such a crucial issue, the Governor’s Address should have atleast reflected on this issue.


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