Herojit present, Judge absent at Court


Women activists suspect and decry possible judicial manipulation

IMPHAL, February 20: “Why did the judge not appear today at this crucial juncture? Why has justice been delayed? How much has the judge been paid off? Next time we expect the Court to provide justice, if not, we will burn it down the next time on March 5,” Women activists who gathered at Cheirap Court Complex cried out today. They alleged that the judiciary has deserted the public when a trail was needed most.

Herojit being escorted by women activist at Cheirap Court. IFP Photo
Herojit being escorted by women activist at Cheirap Court. IFP Photo

Thounaojam Herojit, the police personnel who confessed killing Ch Sanjit on June 23, 2009 allegedly on the order of present SP of Imphal West, Akoijam Jhalajit was to give his testimony today before District and Sessions Judge, Imphal East, Maibam Manojkumar Singh today.

The hearing for Prosecution Witness of the July 23 Bir Tikendrajit road fake encounter was scheduled to be held at the Court. However, but the hearing was adjourned as the judge in the case was reportedly on official tour to Tamenglong district following a State Government decision taken yesterday.

It may be mentioned that Herojit was to give his testimony before the judge today that he had killed Sanjit on the order of his superior officer.

Women activists representing different civil organizations turned up at Cheirap Court complex to show their solidarity to Thounaojam Herojit Singh.

Herojit was escorted to and fro the Court by them and they vehemently denounced the absence of the Judge which had resulted in the adjournment of the sensational July 23 BT road fake encounter case today.

Following the adjournment Herojit failed to give his statements before the Court yet again.

It may be mentioned that since his confession made in front of the IFP and national medias that he was following the order of a superior officer in killing Sanjit, Herojit had missed a prior court appearance on February 2.

According to Herojit, this was on account of the time consuming problems of gathering proper documents and legal aid.

Interacting with the media at the Court complex, he informed that he was ready for today’s appearance and also handed over an affidavit made before the oath commissioner.

The affidavit carried his statement of the July 23 episode and according to him, the actual turn of events, hence reassuring his stance as steadfast.

Meanwhile, voicing their strong opposition over the development, the women activists gathered at the Court safeguarding Herojit, implicated that it could be a delay tactic by the State government.

The women folk also shouted slogans against the judiciary system demanding explanation for the delay following the Judge’s absence.

Nevertheless, with the absent of the P O the charge was handed over to the District and Sessions Court, Imphal West, Salam Imocha.

As Salam Imocha was not the authority of the case, the case was adjourned till March 5, 2016.

All the nine accused including Herojit, the then OC of City police, Y Munal Singh, H Devendro, Ng Iboyaima, Th Jagat, W Binoykumar, O Keshor, Md Imran and Kamchung, also appeared before the Court of Salam Imocha.

The special Public Prosecutor of the CBI, was also present before the Court.

Prior to the development, a large number of womenfolk, representing different civil bodies were seen gathering outside the Court complex.

When Herojit arrived in a car the womenfolk stopped the vehicle at the Court Complex gate. From there they (women) escorted Herojit and marched towards the court room.

However they were stopped from entering inside the Court by security deployed at the court complex.

As a result, a brief argument occured between the women folk and the police.

Speaking to media persons outside the court room, Herojit expressed his disappointment over the absence of the Judge which led to adjournment of the Court proceedings .

He stated that he is overcome with emotion that the civil organizations and public have show him the solidarity which he never expected to receive. “ Yes ! I acknowledge that I killed Sanjit and I am not pleading for leniency from the Judiciary, let me be punished along with the guilty superiors, let justice be done , I am not afraid to die now,” Herojit said that his sole intention now is to bring a better society where none need to afraid of being killed arbitrarily by those in power. For contributing to a better cause and rectification for his past deeds, not to plead for his life but rather to happily accept any punishment deemed fit by the public and the court.

Herojit was escorted to his vehicle by the women activist, they showered their blessings for him to be safe and sound.


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