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Maoist vows to pay heed to public voice on Sanjit’s killing

IMPHAL, February 7: Pointing out that silence on part of the public and frontal civil society organizations on Sanjit’s killing in a staged fake encounter despite the sensational confession of Head Constable Th Herojit on the killing is the most unfortunate occurrence in the history of the State, the armed Maoist Communist Party, Manipur appealed to student’s, women’s, human rights, civil society, non-governmental organizations, democratic forces, political parties and individuals to not remain mute spectator to the case.

According to a statement signed by Comrade Nonglen Meitei, Secretary Publicity and Propaganda of Maoist Communist Party, Manipur, the brave confession of the killer cop on the killing wherein he revealed the hidden truths of the fake encounter which came as a shocker to the people should not went in vain.

State journalists had courageously done their responsibility in the case for the sake of truth. Now is the time for others to do its part. In doing so, no one should feel fear and reprisal as the head constable had unearthed the fake encounter through local and national media, the outfit said.

The statement said if the public prefer to stay silent on the case despite the killer cop’s confession then what will the people of other countries think about the communities of the State.

The outfit vowed to pay heed to public voice over the fake encounter case.

Public leaders ought to response firmly on the fake encounter case carried out in broad daylight at BT Road on July 23, 2009. Now the public have started questioning whether there are not competent leaders of democratic organizations as there had not been substantial movement against the killing despite the head constable’s confession, it stated.

Contending that inability of public leaders to work according to wishes of the people is clearly palpable, the outfit said it wants to break the silence on the killing case.

It asserted that time has come for the public to launch joint movement to ensure that all those involved in the killing get punishment for their inhuman deed committed.



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