Meitei Nationalist Students’ Union of India formed in New Delhi


February 15, Delhi : A press release from the office of Meitei Nationalist Party(MNP) states that MNSUI (Meitei Nationalist Students’ Union of India), a students’ wing of MNP (Meitei Nationalist Party), has been formed in New Delhi with the approval of the Founding President of Meitei Nationalist Party B. Angousana Sharma. The President of MNP has appointed Thoudam Sachin Kumar of Delhi University as the first National President of MNSUI with immediate effect. The head quarter of MNSUI has been established in New Delhi. B. Angousana, who is now in New Delhi, has asserted, “MNSUI will soon have its branches in all the states and Union Territories of India. If Meiteis face any problem anywhere in India, they may contact our MNSUI or MNP. We will respond immediately.” MNSUI will strive for overall protection, development and dignity of Manipur and Meiteis spread all over India and the world. MNSUI will mobilise and march for All India Meitei Scheduled Tribe Movement soon in New Delhi and throughout the nation.

The MNP can be contacted at theofficeofmnp(at)gmail(dot)com.


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