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MNP opposes UNC’s remarks on Manipur’s history

February 5,Imphal: A press release of the MNP (Meitei Nationalist Party) has strongly opposed the new false agenda and propaganda of UNC (United Naga Council) on the history of Manipur.The Founding President of MNP, B. Angousana Sharma, condemns and rejects the fake historical fiction invented by UNC to distort, destroy and ridicule the unity and integrity of Manipur which has its thousands years old civilization.

”UNC, by claiming with the unfounded history like the existence of administration in the hills of Manipur other than the rule of the Manipur Maharajas before 1891 and till 1949, is attempting to surprise the people of Manipur. TheThe divisive and separatist ideology of UNC is an attempt to destroy the essence of the freedom of speech enshrined in Indian Constitution. UNC has no right to rewrite the history of Manipur. How can UNC change the thousands years old culture and civilization of Manipur? UNC must know that Manipur comprises both valley and hills. MNP appeals to the people of Manipur to stay united to fight such divisive forces to divide hills and valley in 21st century” -said the press statement.

MNP can be contacted at theofficeofmnp(at)gmail(dot)com.



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