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MNP President clarifies on CorCom’s allegation

February 27, Imphal: A statement released from B Angousana Sharma, President of the newly formed Meitei Nationalist Party said ”CorCom has misunderstanding with the dialogue of politics.”

”To throw an ideology of a democrat is nature and common to all political statement of various politicians used on the same tone in various places in Manipur. But when B. Angousana Sharma used the same tone and Literature has been warned and victimizing as enemy of LUP and enemy of Manipur, is found to be harsh and presumed to be underestimated and taken as weak target, which again a wrong choice.

Mr. O. Ibobi Singh and other state Leaders of Manipur used the same dialogues but no such warning had been issued to those leaders is an intent to assassinate political career of a person, also presumed to have influence political conspiracy, political looming in the release.

Because, it has more doubt about inactiveness, unfeeling of the seditions, propagation through the local medias. It is again but nature to question with doubt for not coming up of the political parties on such occasion with the comments, either from Congress and BJP in Public. It exhibits that there is no sense of democracy in the state where gun culture seems to be important in politics.

Another doubt is disregarding the scheduled tribe movement for Meitei, commenting with seditious and undemocratic mouth Piece. However demand for restoration of ST for Meitei is constitutional without doubt, article 342(b) is a clear provision for ST.

Yes, it is also inferred that ST for Meitei will lose the hills / Valley fraternity. But it will not be happened like that. Because Article 16(4)  is clear over quota. Such Article prescribed that becoming of Meitei in ST category shall not harm to the hill’s people. Because, hill tribes quota will maintain as it were. But, it may be wrong concept of the hill people if it been presumed to be damaged hills people.

But, it is shocked that cor-com is trying to belittle and introspect to hammer the newly formed political party, MNP which of the act trying to dispersonification is unlucky. If cor-com feel doubt or wrong with the intention of B. Angousana Sharma or found to have been objectionable the doubt for the text could have been negotiated in peaceful talk. But direct personal attack and threat upon a war veteran, who is senior citizen of the nation seems hard.

But, cor-com has forgotten my contributions and acts against the non integrational attacks like wrong intervention of Mr. Nephiu Rio, MP of Nagaland against ILP Bills (PMP),and B Angousana Sharma rebuts to the  UNC interceptions, MNP intervene the wrong procedure of MPSC examination 2015 rather forced to cancel the examination for the sake of the students of Manipur; comment over chief secretaries appointment; positive comment over the nomination of interlocutors, open-up of conspiracy between NSCN(IM) & Lt. General R.B. Kulkarny during 2009 on the Siroy designated camp of NSCN(IM) episode,  where the individual B Angousana Sharmal was fighting for Meitei.

But, today I have been surprised with the stormy objection with the intention to single out for the political dialogue which are very common to all leaders of the state and nation as, Manipur is integral part of India and cannot divide is a repeated dialogue of all leaders.

Therefore, cor-com might come with the positive thought which can make a pretty dialogue with MNP  to remove the obstacle on the part of cor-com decision, without violent substances.

In connection with ST for Meitei community is nothing but considered protection of land of Manipur under MLR & LR act which is now vulnerable for Meitei in the valley. But ST if achieved the small patch of land i.e. 0.8% of total land of Manipur which is valley can safe, rather ILP  will achieve spontaneously, at the end.

Therefore, I believe that cor-com shall not have bias as the term is common to all leaders of a Nation and Scheduled Tribe restoration demand is public likely movement.

At the last it is my personal appeal to cor-com that please do not come on personal with the propagation of B. Angousana Sharma is enemy of cor-com or Manipur, he is self stilled president of MNP like that, so that humanism will strive on the long race of your struggle. And please do not victimize a person with the discourse of a little knot by forgetting all good works done of a person. That is divine in struggling on the right path.” added the statement. It also thanked CorCom for their positive thought and human consciousness.

The sender can be reached at sharmaangousana(at)gmail(dot)com. 




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