Ramdev wants to establish ‘Acharyakulam’ in Manipur


IMPHAL, February 12: Renowned Yoga guru of India Baba Ramdev, who arrived in Imphal today to conduct a Yoga camp in the State capital tomorrow, has announced to establish an ‘Acharyakulam’ in the State and also lobby the Centre to set up separate Yoga subject in the Manipur University.

The guru is going to share his knowledge of thousand years old Yoga techniques to Yoga enthusiasts tomorrow at the Hapta Kangjeibung.

The ‘Free Yoga Therapy and Meditation camp’ organised by the Patanjali Yog Samiti, Manipur will commence from 5.30 am to 7.30 am and it will conclude on February 17.

Speaking to media persons at the Manipur Press Club, Baba Ramdev, divulged that the objective of organising the Yoga camp is to create positive thinking among the people of Manipur and also healthy atmosphere.

Spelling out the benefits of the exercise, he has claimed that Yoga can cure many diseases which the modern medicine has failed like regenerating cells of organs.

He further claimed that many diseases like diabetes, BP, thyroids are curable through regular Yoga exercise besides it also keeps human physically and mentally balanced.

Clarifying on the controversy surrounding the practice of Yoga being Hindu centric, he opined that Yoga today is universally accepted art form.

Over crores of people across the globe including Africa, America, Europe, Asia etc are practising Yoga exercise, he continued while adding that he has even been in Dubai to share his Yoga technique, he said. “Obesity here is also Obesity in Dubai or America”, said Ramdev.

The yoga guru divulged that he will help reduce atleast 3 kg for those overweight individuals coming to participate in the five-day camps.

Meanwhile, he said that his group, Patanjali, will not only establish ‘Achar-yakulam’ in Manipur but will also donate Rs one crore to upgrade the Ved Vidyapeeth, situated at Chaarhajar Sadar Hills.

At the same time, Baba Ramdev also assured to apprise the Union Minister of Human Resource, Smriti Irani, in order to establish a separate subject of Yoga in the Manipur University.

Acharyakulam is a school based on Vedic-cum-modern education deals with 60 percent Vedic studies and 40 percent modern studies.

The institute estimated to be constructed at an approximate cost of Rs 50 crores will admit around 2500 students.

Special free yoga camp exclusively for students/youths and their parents would be organised on February 14 and women on February 15 besides separate time for security forces will also be organised.

The samiti is also expecting around 8000 people during the camp, and also assured to avail Manipuri version of yoga books within this month.


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