Sharmila produced before court


IMPHAL, February 8: Anti-AFSPA crusader Irom Chanu Sharmila today questioned why people of a democratic country like India still continue to be worried about their security and safety.

Sharmila was speaking to media persons after making her appearance before the court of CJM I/W A Noutuneshwori at the Cheirap Court complex.

She said AFSPA was imposed in Manipur under the then Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru.

Sharmila said the world has acknowledged the brutality of AFSPA.

Expressing deep concern, she said she has been protesting for 15 years now demanding repeal of the AFSPA because she cannot remain a mute spectator of the Act and remain silent.

It would be humiliating before the world to remain as mere spectator of the cruelty under the draconian Act, she said.

Sharmila also said that it is time for the people to speak up for a better future.

The anti AFSPA crusader was brought to the court complex around 12:30pm and her next appearance has been fixed for February 22.


  1. Aribam N is the CJM IE not IW. The CJM IW was promoted before Xmas and then the CJM IE took over the case claiming she could still have a fair trial without hearing any of the prosecution evidence who had already rested. She then refused to allow the Defence to depose as was agreed with the previous Judge and the Prosecutor. Then on 23 January 2016 one year after the original arrest she failed to comply with her obligations under the law and instead has colluded with the Manipur Police Commandoes in the illegal detention of Irom Sharmila. She has also commited an act of obstruction of the course of justice in preventing Sharmila from attending her trial in Delhi which is her article 10 UDHR right and this is one of a string of abuses of office conducted by this Magistrate of which the Chief Justice of Manipur has already been informed. But if you aren’t allowed to publish no matter for now Epao are publishing any defence posted for Irom Sharmila.


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