World Wetland Day observed at Loktak Lake

A boat rally in connection with the World Wetland Day observation at Loktak Lake. IFP Photo

IMPHAL, February 2: As widely observed across the globe, the World Wetlands Day 2016 was also observed today at the Langolsabi and Komjao Area of Bishnupur district under the “Loktak for Our Future Generation”.

The day was jointly organized by All Loktak Lake Fisherman’s Union Manipur (ALLAFUM), AMTPWA, CORE, COHR, CRA, CSD, INTACH Manipur, IP, IFWA, LFWA, LOUSAL, PFA, REACH-M, REPS and WHEEW.

All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) president-Wangkhemcha Shamjai, Deputy Director of the Directorate of Environment-Th Bhogen, secretary of PRADA Bishnupur-L Suranjoy and other NGOs leaders attended the observation as dignitaries.

Marking the day the gathering also taken out a boat rally from Langolsabi to Komjao, Nambul shouting slogan, “Loktak is ours, let us save Loktak,” collecting Plastic bottle, liquor bottle and other solid waste floating in the lake.

Addressing the gathering AMWJU president Wangkhemcha Shamjai, observed that Manipur Government should introduce a long term policy when it comes to developing the Loktak.

In addition to that it should encompass separate policy for the welfare of the fisherfolk who are eking out their living from the Loktak.

Concerned over the disappearance of rich flora and fauna in the surrounding ecosystem of the Loktak due to pollution, the AMWJU president drew the attention of the authority to act at the matter.

Noting that the fisherfolk has highlighted the harmful method adopted by Loktak Development Authority (LDA), he urged the authority concerned to be mindful when taking up any project respecting the rights and resources of the common people.

Other speakers also while speaking during the observation stressed for the need of concerted effort in saving Loktak and people surrounding it.


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