House of worship of Tingkao Ragawang Chapriak inaugurated

Tingkao Rawang devotee thronging the newly inaugurated worship house at Sawombung village. IFP Photo
Tingkao Rawang devotee thronging the newly inaugurated worship house at Sawombung village. IFP Photo

IMPHAL, March 13: A house of worship (kalum kai in local dialect) of the indigenous religion of the Zeliangrong community Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak (TRC) was inaugurated today by Heingang MLA, Ksh Biren at Sawombung Rongmei village in a grand ceremony.

Devotees of Tingkao Ragawang from various places including from Nagaland, Assam and Manipur TRC executives attended the inauguration of the kalum kai.

According to Lanbilung Golmei, executive secretary TRC, the religion was once at the edge of extinction with onslaught from major religion and in the absence of any state policy to save such indigenous religion.

Nevertheless, with tireless effort of the believers and executives of TRC, brought about a resurgent, he said.

Today there are 21 kalum kai in Manipur, Assam and Nagaland with over 30,000 follower of Tingkao Ragwang, he asserted.

He further observed the need to include the TRC under minority like that of Christians and Muslim adding that avail with benefit to some extent.

Chaoba Kasom, president of the TRC Phuam (TRCP), divulged that the house of worship inaugurated today was constructed by Lamlai MLA adding that he lauded the enthusiasm shown by the MLA for the marginalised group.

He revealed that this was the first that a representative has willingly help for the cause of TRC.

Delivering his chief guest speech, MLA Ksh Biren, stated he was honoured to be given the opportunity to construct the kalum kai.

Crediting the successful completion of the kalum kai to the dedication of the TRC followers, the MLA claimed that community based politics is not his ideology and expressed his willingness to work with any religion in the interest of the people.

Kaibajei Kamei, chief of Sawombung Namdai, Dr T Bilasini Devi, vice president Kalyan Ashram Manipur, Chaoba Kamson secretaty, also attended function as the dignitaries.

Presentation of traditional devotion songs, inauguration of the house of worship, pefromances traditional dances marked the inauguration function.


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