House passes Rs 1239.63 crores for seven demands


IMPHAL, February 29: The Manipur Legislative Assembly passed a total of Rs 1239.63 crore for seven demands today.

The demands are Demand No 4 for Land Revenue, Stamps and Registration and District Administration amounting to Rs 80,86,46,000; Demand on 3 for Power amounting to Rs 579,20,53,000; Demand no 25 for Youth Affairs and Sports department amounting to Rs 51,56,83,000; Demand no 35 for Stationary and Printing amounting to Rs 5,62,37,00; Demand No 40 for Irrigation and Flood Control Department amounting to Rs 459,47,39,000; Demand No 41 for Art and Culture amounting to Rs 25,40,54,000 and Demand no 45 for Tourism amounting to Rs 37,52,44,000.

During discussions on the demands in the House, Opposition MLAs Dr I Ibohalbi Singh, L Ibomcha Singh, Th Biswajit Singh, Th Shyamkumar Singh, K Shyam Singh, O Lukhoi Singh raised Motion for Disapproval of Policy Cut, Motion for Economy Cut, etc.

MLA Dr Ibohalbi and Th Bishwajit Singh raised Motion for Disapproval of Policy Cut on Demand no 4 citing “Failure to protect the agricultural lands by the government, failure to enact separate land laws for the hill areas and mismanagement in proper demarcation of land.”

During discussion on Demand No 23 for Power, MLA Th Shyamkumar Singh raised Motion for Disapproval of Policy Cut citing “Failure in maintenance and framing of proper policy for public awareness regarding un-authorised connection.”

During discussion on Demand no 25, MLAs Bishwajit, Shyam and Shyamkumar raised Motion for Disapproval of Policy Cut citing “Mismanagement and non-implementation of work programmes, failure in implementation and formulation of youth welfare programmes and failure to frame sports policy from the level of Primary Schools.”

During discussion on the demand for Irrigation & Flood Control Department, Dr Ibohalbi raised a motion for economy cut, while Ibomcha, Lukhoi, Bishwajit and Shyamkumar raied Motion for Disapproval of Policy Cut on “Failure to embark the Imphal River in Wangoi A/C, lack of implementation of work programme, mismanagement in the development of various river banks in the State and need for framing policy/ programme in time.”

MLAs Ibomcha, Shyamkumar and Shyam raised Motion for Disapproval of Policy Cut during discussion on Art and Culture citing “Failure to implement the provisions of Manipur Public Libraries etc, failure to preserve and develop historical monuments and develop different spots.”

Dr Ibohalbi, Shyamkumar and Shyam also raised motion for disapproval of policy cut during discussion on Demand no 45 for Tourism citing “Failure to develop Sadu Chiru Waterfall and its approach road, failure to develop tourist designated spots and develop mega tourist destinations and failure in implementation of various tourism projects.”

However, following detailed statements on the cut motions from Chief Minsiter Okram Ibobi Singh, Revenue minister Th Devendra Singh and IFC minister Ngamthang Haokip, the motions were revoked and the demands were passed.

During discussion of the demands, ruling MLAs Dr Ng Bijoy Singh and Laishram Nandakumar Singh also placed their observations.


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