Manipur Congress in the eye of a storm, dissidents gearing up for final assault


IMPHAL, March 9: The rift within the Congress legislative party is likely to widen beyond redemption if emerging reports about the dissident group gearing itself to float a new political party, is true.

According to a highly reliable source, all necessary preparations have been made for formation of the new party including the drafting of constitution.

If the new political party comes into existence, the same source indicated that BJP would be an obvious alliance during the 11th Assembly election scheduled to be held on 2017, given the circumstances that it is the only party hopeful of opening further accounts besides the existing two.

When, IFP contacted a senior politician of BJP and enquired about the clandestine campaign, the response was positive.

Infact, he predicted that the alliance could sweep absolute majority before adding that the Congress will trail behind with below 30 seats.

Meanwhile, five more dissident MLAs today left Imphal for New Delhi amidst reports that some of them have been camping in the national capital after the recent budget session.

The sources further informed that the objective of the dissident group was to meet AICC chief Sonia Gandhi, vice president Rahul Gandhi and other AICC leaders.

The dissident group is likely to apprise the national leaders of the unfolding development within the party which has led to the differences including the recent imbroglio with regards to the suspension of five Manipur Police personnel over NSF pressure.

If the development unfolds against the interest of the dissident group the formation of the new party is certain, continue the sources.

It is worth mentioning that the revolt within the congress party began during the mid-term of the present tenure of the Ibobi Singh led Government following the failure of the leader to translate its assurance for mid-term reshuffle of the party.

The inability to effect the mid-term reshuffle stirred up the party to the extent that some of the disappointed MLAs, openly voice their dissent and form their own group (dissident group).

The intent of the dissident Congress MLAs became more prominent when it openly demanded the resignation of the Home Minister for suspending the five Manipur personnel for allegedly harassing NSF members.

Taking advantage of the recently concluded full budget session, the dissident group gained upper hand and dragged the Ibobi leadership into to revoking the suspension order, during a CLP meeting.

However, some of the dissident group were not satisfied with the suspension order as sources informed that the Chief Minister took the blame of the Home’s decision on him.


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