New dance production “Radhagi Khongchat” performed on stage

Harimati Dance and Music Center artist performing “Radhagi Khongchat” at Lamyanba Sanglen. IFP Photo
Harimati Dance and Music Center artist performing “Radhagi Khongchat” at Lamyanba Sanglen. IFP Photo

IMPHAL, March 21: A new production of Harimati Dance and Music Center “Radhagi Khongchat” a choreography using movements from Manipuri classical dance, was staged at the Lamyanba Sanglen today.

Chief Guest of the function Prof Naorem Khogendra Singh Vice-Chancellor Manipur Culture University said that Manipur has a unique culture where different languages and traditions existed side by side in harmony from time immemorial.

Manipur culture therefore is unique compared to many other states, and this is why the state has produced so many talented artists who put the state on the culture map of the globe.

He further said, as in sport where players from the state have been continually made it to Indian teams on the International arenas in art and culture too Manipur has inborn talent.

Today with the changing times, using the medium of Manipuri classical dance, classical legends and myths are being translated to Manipuri and Radhagi Khongchat is a worthy example.

In her keynote address, Harimati said that the style of dance composition is base on the Tala ”Chandrabadani” and in this composition, movements from different dance styles like Ras Lila, Sankritana, Thang-ta and other indigenous dance forms including Lai-haraoba said Naorem Harimati are liberally used.

She said that the inner idea of this dance composition is Shrimati Radhika with Gopies journey to Sanketa Kunja of Brindavana in search of Lord Krishna for love, peace and devotion.

The Harimati Dance and Music Center was established in the year 1972 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1960 with the objective of preservation, promotion and dissemination the Manipuri form of dance & music as training cum performing centre.

During the entire 43 years since its inception, this centre has been giving training for a three years certificate course to its students.

It diversified into various fields like production of ballads/dramas, researches and documentation, she said.

The centre has receiving financial assistance from Manipur State Kala Academy, Art and Culture Department Manipur, NEZCC Dimapur, Sangeet Natak Academy, Ministry of Human resource Development, Department of Culture Government of India New Delhi from other source from time to time said Hirimati.

President of Harimati Dance and Music Centre Dr Kshetri Kala was also present as President of the function. In the today function five small students of Harimati has performed Thang-Ta before the Radha Khongchat of 11 artists on the stage.


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