Over 4000 cases of traffic violations registered during Yaoshang in Imphal

traffic violation in yaoshang 2016
Traffic and police personnel checking two-wheel drivers during the Yaoshang festival in Imphal.

IMPHAL, March 28: Police registered a total of 4118 cases of rampant violation of Traffic Rules and Motor Vehicles Act and collected over Rs four lakh fine during the five day Yaoshang festival in the twin districts of Imphal East and West.

The Imphal West District Police registered 3502 cases of rampant violation of the Traffic Rules and Motor Vehicle Act and collected Rs 3,59,200 fine, according to an official data record.

On March 22, a day before the festival, the Imphal West Police had registered 437 cases and collected around Rs 44,300 as fine, it said.

On March 23, the first day of the five-day long festival, altogether 779 cases were disposed-off with Rs. 78,600 collected as fine, according to the record.

On March 24 till 6 pm, a total of 494 cases were taken up with a collection of Rs. 51,600, it said.

On March 25, the total cases registered were 802 and Rs. 84,800 collected, while on March 26 about 669 cases were registered and Rs. 67,800 collected, it said.

The police also registered about 321 cases and collected Rs. 31,900 on the final day of Yaoshang.

Police in the valley districts, particularly in the twin Imphal districts have been conducting the special drive with the objective to control and of checking motor-vehicle related accidents which are very common during the Yaoshang festival.

The drive was conducted by detailing traffic control police personnel who were assisted by civil police personnel at every nook and corner of the streets crossing the main roads, particularly in the capital city.

Random checking of vehicles, both two-wheelers and light four-wheelers were conducted as part of the drive.

Regarding the mode of taking up case, a police officer on duty said that the cases were disposed-off on the spot after imposing a fine and challans issued to the defaulters.

He maintained that most of the cases were related to driving without license by minors, triple riding on two-wheelers and use of tinted glass in four wheelers. The defaulters were imposed a fine of Rs. 100 each.

The drive conducted with the objective to check motor vehicle related accidents during the festival days include checking of driving without driving license/registration certificate/insurance certificate, driving by minor, triple riding on a two-wheeler, vehicles plying without displaying registration numbers, driving under influence of liquor/drugs, riding two-wheeler without helmet, vehicles with tinted glass, over-speeding, over-loading etc.

At the same time, the Imphal East district Police in similar drive, started from March 23 to 27, strictly implementing certain road safety norms and pulled-up erring riders/drivers in connection with the festival.

In a statement, the district police said that during the drive, 616 different motor vehicles were challaned under Motor vehicle act and collected Rs. 62,500 as fine.

As a result of the sincere and hardworking efforts of the district police and co-operation from the general public, many road mishaps were prevented, it said adding that only one motor accident case was registered in the district during the period.


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