Three WW II era bomb shells found, handed over to police


KANGPOKPI, March 28: Three archaic bomb shells believed to be from the World War II era was handed over to the Sapormeina Police Station today.

Two M3 Lee Tank Shells and one US M2 60mm Motor shell believed to be used in the battle at Isaac Hills at Old Modbung, now called Motbung in Sadar Hills during the great World War II between the Japanese soldiers and the British were handover to the police by the Motbung Youth Club.

The club found the bomb shell while exploring the battlefield ‘Isaac Hill’, also locally known as ‘Tank Hill’ during the month of January and February this year.

Three members of Motbung Youth Club led by its President SK Thanglenmang handed-over the bomb shells to Insp Lunkhoseh Lhouvum, Officer-in-Charge, Sapormeina Police Station this afternoon at around 2:30 pm.

SK Thanglenmang said that the battlefield Isaac Hills is a historical important place located 2 miles east of present Motbung in Sadar Hills, Manipur while adding that the present Motbung is not the location of historical Modbung Village.

The old Modbung was located 2 miles 90 degree from the present Motbung and as per the locals of present Motbung the old Modbung was burnt down by Japanese soldier.

Illustrating the historical importance of the Isaac Hills, SK. Thanglenmang noted that the location Isaac Hill was very close to the Highway and it overlooked both the highway and the depot at Kanglatongbi and it was first occupied by a battalion of Japanese 15th Division.

He continued that the 2nd Sufflock’s Regiment under the 5th Indian Division was clearing the Japanese from the adjoining mountains of the Moreh- Dimapur Highway and a massive battle took place at the Isaac Hill in 1944 from June 1 to 9, which now the British claimed to be their greatest battle ever where 96 Japanese soldiers was killed and lesser from the British side.

“Till today, the battlefield of Issac was never explored and excavated nor the Japanese bone collectors reach the place”, he added.

He further said that the Japanese soldiers killed in the battle were still buried at the site which has never been explored till today.


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