AMSU opposes ST demand


IMPHAL, Apr 28: All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) has said that it is not right to demand ST status by Meetei/Meitei community.
In a statement, AMSU said that it was wrong on the part of British writers to categorise Meiteis as tribal.
The notion was right when Meiteis were dwelling in the hills. However, Meities never remained as tribals after they began their civilization in the valley, AMSU said.
Meiteis had more than 4000 hand written books before they were converted to Hinduism. They already had an established civilization well known to the south east Asian kingdoms well before coming of Hinduism to Manipur, the student body said.
Meiteis had its extended administration outside its locality, village and community.
No doubt Meiteis are now economically weak, however, it would be wrong to presume that Meiteis would see progress, ease hardships, get employment and have many IAS and IPS officers if they get ST status.
AMSU said that people must understand that Mary Kom has not brought laurels to the country, State and her community because of her ST status but due to her ‘struggle for excellence’.
It would be wrong if some people think that Meiteis would see progress if they have many officers, AMSU said and added that the real problem is that there are many Meiteis who look down on the poor.
Meiteis used to take the responsibility of uplifting all the communities of Manipur in the past.
As such, it is unfortunate to demand ST status for Meiteis like a weak community, AMSU said and added that there is need to deliberate whether it is right to come down to the status of ST after making known to the world that Meitei is an advanced community.
It further said that it would also be wrong to think that ILPS would automatically come after Meiteis become STs.


  1. AMSU’s arguments highlight Darwin’s “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”.
    But they don’t consider the fact that not every meitei is a genius.
    What the hell have you people people been smoking out there? you boast for the past glory. it is unfortunate to demand ST status for Meiteis like a weak community-wake up! now we are the weakest community in Manipur.

  2. Wat a stupid bunch of students..all they know is bandh and strike..who says ST is for getting ias,ips.. We as a community deserve this. What law ll be applied if a meitei is harassed in Delhi ? What about the socially advanced Meena community of rajasthan who produce 30-35 civil servants every year die to ST status? What about the discrimination by meitei to ST ? Do the people outsite north east know meiteis are not tribals ?


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