Boxing coach Ibomcha allegedly vandalises car inside showroom


IMPHAL, April 26: Renowned boxing coach Laisangthem Ibomcha Singh who is a 2010 Dronacharya Awardee has been accused of vandalizing a car and threatening workers with a pistol inside the FIAT workshop located at Canchipur today.

According to a report filed by the owner of the showroom at the Singjamei Police Station, Ibomcha who has coached famous pugilists including Olympian Mary Kom, Dingku and Suranjoy among others came to the showroom at around 12.30 pm today.

According to the report Ibomcha had identified himself and came to the workshop “Roshika Auto World’’ to inquire about one Punto Evo multijet car which was kept at the workshop for repairing.

The vehicle had met with an accident.

When the workshop informed Ibomcha that the repair work will take more time, the latter become aggressive and damaged the vehicle further using a brick he picked up, it said.

Afterwards, he whipped out a pistol and threatened to shoot the workers inside the showroom, the report said.

Ibomcha had pointed the gun to the complainant and owner of the showroom namely N Ronel Singh, it said.

A complaint has been lodged with the police against the conduct of Ibomcha.


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